Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Do you ship Armodilo products to my country?

A: Yes. Armodilo products ship worldwide from our offices in Canada, and there is no need to contact a local distributor.

All orders are transported with UPS, and appropriate shipping costs will be noted on your quote.

For countries outside of the United States and Canada, Armodilo does not include any local import taxes or fees in the calculated rates, and these will be payable on delivery based on your local customs regulations.

(Please note that we respect all Canadian and UN sanctions, and certain restrictions may apply.)


Tablet Support 


Q: Do you support my tablet?

A: Yes. We are proud to support the largest range of tablets in the industry. 

That being said, there are hundreds of tablets currently available with new models always being released. If your chosen device is not listed in our extensive supported tablets list, we would be happy to create a custom Tablet Fit Kit for you. We can custom fit most tablet models for a one-time fitting fee of $149.

Creating a custom tablet fitting is quick and easy, and we’re here to help at every step. We will need a sample of the tablet sent to our offices for development and quality control. Within 10 business days, we’ll return your tablet along with your completed order, and you’re ready to go! We maintain your information on file so you can reorder at any time with no additional custom fees.

Custom Fit Kits are available in our Original and Keyo lines. Depending on your requirements, we may be able to accommodate custom fit kits in our other solutions as well. Please ask your sales representative for more details.

Q: Can I use my tablet in either portrait or landscape orientation?

A: Yes. With our Original line of tablet enclosures, you have the option to secure the housing in either portrait or landscape orientation during setup. If you require the ability to change orientation on the fly during use, you may take advantage of our ArmoTwist accessory depending on your chosen product.

At this time our ALUR, AURA and Keyo products are available in landscape orientation only. If you are interested in a custom solution for one of these enclosures, please contact us and ask your sales representative for additional details.

Q: What is the largest tablet you are able to support?

A: The largest tablets currently supported are the Apple iPad Pro 12.9, and the Microsoft Surface Pro 8. Our Original line currently does not support tablets larger than this, but the Keyo may be a suitable option for certain devices with larger displays. Please contact us and ask your sales representative for additional details.

Q: Can I charge the tablet while it is installed in the Armodilo stand?

A: Yes. Our stands are designed to allow cabling to pass through the rear of the housing and through the tube or tilt assembly depending on the product.

The majority of our products can facilitate a clean, cable free look when fully assembled. The AURA includes an integrated power source. Certain models, such as the ALUR, and Floor, may require extended cables (sold separately) in order to run the full length of the kiosk.

 Q: Can the tablet be disconnected quickly for handheld use?

A: No. We designed our stands to put security at the forefront. As a result, our products do not feature any quick release functionality and the tablet is secured within the unit using four custom ArmoLock security screws. These screws are paired with our proprietary drivers for enhanced theft-protection capabilities.

If some handheld use or mobility is essential to your deployment, our Spot enclosures can be tethered with a Kensington cable lock to allow for a limited range of motion while in use.

 Q: Do your products support smart phones?

A: Our products are specifically designed as tablet enclosures. At present we are not able to offer support for devices with screens smaller than 7”.

 Q: Do Armodilo products interfere with WIFI, BlueTooth, NFC, etc…

A: No. All Armodilo products are signal transparent, and do not interfere with any wireless communication.

Q: Can I mount non-tablet displays in Armodilo products?

A: Armodilo products were initially designed exclusively with tablets in mind but we remain committed to supporting our customers ever evolving needs. We offer a VESA adapter to mount any 75mm or 100mm VESA equipped device to our products.

Please note that there are size and weight limitations to the VESA adapter. Please ask your sales representative or contact us for additional details.


Add-ons & Accessories


Q: What is the difference between the power button, and power button access hole, and why do I need either option?

A: By default, Armodilo’s original housing restricts access to the tablet power button completely. If you plan to be connected to power continuously, and have no need to turn off the tablet, this is the ideal solution.

If you would like to prevent members of the public from pressing the power button but require some access for for your staff or operators, the access hole is your best option. This allow easy access for basic troubleshooting.

If you need to be able to turn the tablet on and off regularly throughout the day, and wish to allow guests, clients, or customers to access this feature as well, then the power button is the right option for you.

 Q: Can I add the access hole or power button after purchase as a modular option?

A: Unfortunately the power access hole and power button options require precision machining on the tablet enclosure that cannot be done in the field.

If you decide that you do in fact need this option, after purchase, you will need to return the tablet enclosures to us temporarily to perform all modifications. Please ask your sales representative for more details.

 Q: Is there adequate room inside the housing to accommodate my additional accessory?

A: The Keyo was designed specifically with accessories in mind, and there is adequate space behind the tablet to conceal most small accessories, such as, USB or Ethernet adapters, USB hubs, power over Ethernet (PoE) adapters, and other assorted accessories.

In our Original line of products there is some very limited space inside the housing, and we cannot guarantee that any non-Armodilo accessories will fit. However, we can accommodate some custom solutions, and we encourage you to contact us and ask a sales representative for additional details.

 Q: Can you integrate my unique accessory into an Armodilo product?

A: We are happy to work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs.

While we cannot source or recommend specific options, we can accommodate custom integration. In these circumstances, we would need you to send your accessory to our offices for development. Lead times and cost can vary depending on complexity, so please contact a representative to discuss your custom solution in detail.

 Q: What is the difference between the ArmoTwist, and Surface Swivel base?

A: The ArmoTwist accessory allows the tablet to transition between portrait, and landscape mode on the fly, offering 360 degrees of rotation and up to 25 degrees of tilt. It is compatible with our 3-in-1, Floor, and Surface units, and can be added at any time.

The Surface Swivel is designed to allow the Surface to be rotated 360º at the base to reposition the tablet display while mounted to a surface. These accessories have no effect on the display orientation, but can can be added at any time.

 Q: What are the different card readers you can support, and what is the difference between them?

A: Currently, we offer regular support for two different readers from MagTek.

The Dynamag card reader is a USB connected reader that offers simple swipe functionality. This reader is typically used with Android, and Windows based devices. However, some additional hardware may be required with Android as there is normally only a single USB port on these devices, and it’s generally used for power.

The eDynamo card reader is able to connect via micro USB, or Bluetooth, and is compatible with all three major tablet operating systems. This reader also incorporates a chip reader in addition to its swipe functionality, allowing for a greater level of security.

 Q: Can I add accessories after purchase?

A: Many of our accessories and add-ons are modular and can be added at any time, although some exceptions apply.

Items such as card reader brackets and on/off buttons require additional machine work to your enclosure and cannot be added in the field. 

If you would like to add these features at a later date, we can offer solutions to meet your needs. Please contact us and ask your sales representative for additional details.

 Q: Will Armodilo accessories work with a product we purchased from another company?

A: Our accessories are proprietary, and have been designed to work exclusively with our solutions. We do not offer any accessories for third party products.


Functionality & Use


Q: Are Armodilo products weather/environment proof?

A: Armodilo products do not provide any significant protection against the elements, and are not designed with long-term outdoor use in mind.

 Q: Can the products be secured to a specific location?

A: Yes. All of our Original products are designed with anchor points that allow you to secure the units to the floor, or other surfaces, through the use screws or bolts (not provided). For the ALUR and the AURA, we can accommodate secure mounting options as a custom solution.

If you would prefer to utilize a less permanent solution, we offer the QuikLink Secure adapter that will allow you to connect a standard Kensington cable lock to the units. (Please note that the Tilt, Wall, Keyo and Surface, must be secured using bolts or screws as applicable.). If you are not sure which security solution is right for your deployment, please contact us and ask your sales representative for additional details.


Graphics & Branding


Q: Are there any branding or graphic options?

A: Yes. We offer various ways to make our products uniquely yours:

- On both our Original and Keyo lines the faceplate (or front area) of the enclosure can either be laser etched or UV printed with logos or custom graphics.
- In our Original line, the Floor can be equipped with hardware for rear banner or front graphic branding and signage.
- For more striking branding options, both the ALUR and AURA employ magnetically applied full length graphics that features your brand front and centre.
- We provide customers with both graphic design templates and printing services. All in-house printing is completed on site, with the attention to detail and quality that we pride ourselves on.

Have another idea in mind? Talk to one of our customer service representatives today to see if we can make your idea a reality.


Q: What is the difference between UV printing and laser etching?

A: We are able to apply text or small logos to the face plates on our Original and Keyo line of products. We offer both laser etching and UV printing solutions.

Our laser etching process strips the paint from the face plate to reveal the underlying steel. The final product has an attractive monochrome look and at $10 per unit is ideal for the budget minded customer. This option is not well suited to our gunmetal grey finish due to the similar colour of the underlying steel.

UV printing allows for full-colour logos and text applied in ink. With UV printing, we are able to print any combination of text or images to ensure that our solution matches your environment. This service starts at $25. Increased costs apply when printing in multiple location or with full face plate coverage.


Warranty & Returns


Q: Do you offer a warranty on your products?

A: Yes. We stand behind our high-quality, North American made solutions and offer a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects. Full details can be found here.

 Q: Can I return or exchange my order?

A: Yes, we understand that from time to time project requirements change.

You may find that a unit does not fit into a space quite as expected or there is a last minute technology change. Armodilo offers a comprehensive return and exchange policy and we’ll work with you to ensure your project is completed with the right solutions. Full details, including exceptions can be found here.