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Best-Selling iPad/Tablet Kiosks and Enclosures

We are the original! We were the first manufacturer to put tablets in stands, and proudly brought them to the world. We make premium iPad/tablet kiosks and enclosures with secure floor, desk and wall mount capabilities. Our award-winning line of premium tablet stands will help your business expand your service offerings and improve visitor experiences. Join the thousands of companies who trust Armodilo's tablet stands.

Armodilo's enclosures are meticulously crafted for seamless integration temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent installation settings. Our tablet enclosures are fortified with a comprehensive set of security features that deter theft and safeguarding your brand investments. We stand behind our product so much that we are the only enclosure vendor to offer Lifetime Warranty on our products.

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Meet the Alur

Sleek & highly brandable

The Alur is sleek, modern freestanding iPad/tablet kiosk designed to add elegance and interactivity to your brand.

Its slim profile and premium silver accents deliver a premium feel, making a lasting impression in hospitality, retail, trade shows, and security settings.

Versatile and eye-catching, the Alur effortlessly draws crowds and excels at promoting loyalty programs, activations, and partnerships.

Armodilo ALUR Magnetic Changeable Graphic Panel


Featuring easily changed magnetic graphic panels, and upgradable Fit Kits you will never be stuck in the past as the Alur is designed for customization.

More than just your typical stand, the Alur is a dynamic canvas empowering your brand with graphics, messaging, or branding that stand out and adapts effortlessly to your brand's evolving needs.

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