Tablets kiosks are finding their way into just about every aspect of retail operations, whether it’s the use of an iPad enclosure for POS or a tablet kiosk helping shoppers find and research products. Tablet kiosks are speeding up everything from transactions to credit applications, and top retailers and brands are making those tablets blend beautifully with store aesthetics using Armodilo’s secure tablet enclosures.

The checkout lanes and counters of big retail may still be using big, old-school Point Of Sale (POS) terminals, but if you pay for goods and services at a small chain store or independent business, and there’s a good chance your transaction will be processed on a tablet or iPad POS.

Tablet POS systems can cost up to 85% less than traditional PC-based POS systems, while offering more functionality using less counter space. At the same time, tablet kiosks help retail brands offer better user experiences to everyday consumers, just by using the same interface as their own phones and tablets.

An unprotected and unsecured tablet on a counter won’t work for long in a high-traffic retail or commercial environment. The engines  driving your retail business needs to be secured in place in durable, secure Armodilo tablet enclosures and mounts that look great on the counter and will stand up to heavy daily use. Our case studies and inspiration page will inspire you with uses of tablets and iPad kiosks in retail environments.