Unparalleled Security

Armodilo's iPad and tablet enclosures are designed for use in temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent installations. Although we recommend supervising your tablet kiosks and removal of tablets during extended periods of disuse, we've also added a variety of features to deter theft and to help protect your investments. 

ArmoLock Security Screws

All of Armodilo’s Original and Alur tablet enclosures, kiosks and stands are fully secured with ArmoLock tamper-resistant security screws – available only from Armodilo. Our enclosures are made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum, ABS plastic and high grade acrylic. High-strength steel faceplate covers protect your tablets on our Original line, and you can rest comfortable in the knowledge that that only authorized representatives will be able to access the tablet hardware inside. 

Simply Stronger

We decided early on that lock and key tablet enclosures are relatively easy to open. We even developed a series of prototypes to test the idea and decided that four high strength security screws beat a single lock and key system every time. That's why some of our competitors are even developing multi lock point, highly expensive, unsightly systems to solve a relatively simple problem. Our high strength ArmoLock Security screws might take a few seconds longer for maintenance access but our clients assure us it's worth it for that extra peace of mind.

QuikLink Security Adapter

Armodilo Original tablet enclosures can be equipped with a QuikLink plug secured into the ‘quick connect port’ on the back of the tablet housing providing you with the additional confidence of being able to add Kensington-style (and compatible) security locks.