Security & Check-in

Mounted iPad kiosks and freestanding tablet enclosures are delivering dramatic upgrades to security and safety screenings in offices, towers and drop-off day care centers.

We’ve all walked in to some facility, approached the reception desk, and scribbled our illegible credentials and intentions into a binder. Thanks to specialized software and check in kiosks using Armodilo's highly-visible, tamper-proof tablet enclosures, it's all changing. Check out some great examples of iPad and tablet stands and enclosures in use on our case studies and inspiration page.

SecurityLockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin

Secure Tablet Kiosks for Secure Facilities Armodilo Display Solutions is proud to support Lockheed-Martin with our Aura, Floor and Sphere models as security and visitor management kiosks. Over 20 L...

SecurityAccelerator Center

Accelerator Center

Innovation involves thinking about the big picture: the product, the service, and the customer. If your business is supporting innovation, like at the Accelerator Centre in Waterloo, Ontario, somet...