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Introducing the Armodilo Revolve: Elevate Your Tablet Kiosk Experience

Are you looking to take your tablet kiosk setup to the next level in flexibility and functionality? The Armodilo Revolve is the answer. Designed to seamlessly complement our Sphere, Curve, Tilt, and Wall models, this innovative connector allows you to achieve a 90-degree rotation of the VESA mount, making it easier than ever to switch between landscape and portrait orientations.

Key Features:

90-Degree Rotation: The Armodilo Revolve empowers your tablet kiosk with the ability to rotate 90 degrees, ensuring that your content is always displayed at the perfect angle. The Revolve connector enables you to switch between portrait and landscape orientations effortlessly, enhancing user interaction and convenience, whether they're in a Point of Sale (POS) environment, visitor management setup, or healthcare application.

Enhanced Design and Security:
Armodilo is known for its commitment to design and security. The Revolve maintains our high standards by combining flexible design with robust security features for your tablets.

No Tooling Required
Say goodbye to complex setups. The Armodilo Revolve is easy to install, requiring no additional special tools or expertise outside of what we provide. You can quickly adapt your kiosk to meet your specific needs.

      The Benefits:

      Improved User Experience: With the ability to rotate the VESA mount, users can interact with your tablet kiosk easily and comfortably.

      Adaptability: The Revolve is suitable for various applications, including POS systems, visitor management, and healthcare setups, to name a few. It offers unparalleled adaptability to suit your unique requirements.

      Enhanced Security:
      Armodilo's commitment to security means that your tablets remain protected, and you can trust that your valuable data is safe.

      Sleek Design: The Armodilo Revolve enhances functionality and maintains the sleek and modern design that Armodilo is known for.

      Cable Management: With the 90-degree rotation feature, the Armodilo Revolve effectively alleviates stress on the wires. This innovative design ensures that your cables won't become twisted, providing a clean and organized look and significantly extending the lifespan of your cabling. Say goodbye to cable-related hassles and enjoy the longevity that comes with the Armodilo Revolve.

      Effortless Installation: You don't need to be a tech expert to set up the Revolve. It's designed for easy and hassle-free installation.

        The Armodilo Revolve is your gateway to a world of enhanced flexibility and user interaction. There are no more compromises between landscape and portrait modes; the Revolve makes it all possible. Discover the Armodilo difference and elevate your tablet kiosk experience today.

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