Tablet and iPad Kiosks in Education
Tablets have found their way into many aspects of education, and across all levels, from primary schools to universities and colleges. In many cases, tablets represent a more secure and reliable alternative to computers. Tablet and iPad kiosks provide students with new opportunities to interact and learn.
See our case studies and inspirations page for great examples of how schools and universities use tablet and iPad kiosks.
Unique solutions for rough environments
Classrooms, common areas, and libraries are rough environments for technology at any school or university. No matter the user age, there are spills, bumps and crashes. Keyboards stop working. Mice stop clicking. Screens fade or break.  
The arrival of iPads and tablets in schools feels like a breath of fresh air – particularly when those iPads and tablets can be fixed in place, protected, secured, and readily repaired and replaced through installation in kiosks. Thanks to our tablet enclosures and iPad kiosks, the Armodilo team is proud to be a partner of schools and universities in North America and around the world.
You know those internet terminals you’ve seen in classrooms, libraries and student centers? The bulk and tangle of all those desktop PCs, peripherals and cables are being replaced by sleek, inexpensive, secure tablet enclosures for kiosk deployment, where tablets offer a familiar user experience to students who prefer to do research and consume information by tapping, pinching, and using apps. 

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