The Best Products, the Best Warranty: Why Armodilo Stands Out

The Best Products, the Best Warranty: Why Armodilo Stands Out

At Armodilo, we don't just claim to be the best – we back it up with a Lifetime Warranty on all our tablet enclosures and stands. Here's why our Limited Lifetime Warranty sets us apart in the industry.

Armodilo Lifetime Warranty

With installations in over 150 countries worldwide, Armodilo tablet stands and enclosures are trusted by top brands across every industry and continent. We understand that wear and tear is inevitable, but we want our clients to feel confident in their investment. That's why we stand behind all our products with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Nobody Else Comes Close

We take pride in being the only tablet stand, enclosure, and kiosk manufacturer in the world to offer such a comprehensive product guarantee. It's not just about doing what's right; it's about ensuring that our clients have the utmost confidence in our products.

100% North American Made

Our confidence in offering a Lifetime Warranty stems not only from our design and engineering expertise but also from our local manufacturing facilities in North America. By overseeing the fabrication process from start to finish, we prioritize quality control at every step.

Quality Control

Our diverse in-house team, including experts in graphic and product design, fabrication, and print production, ensures the highest product quality. We collaborate with local partners for specialized production processes, maintaining tight quality control throughout.

Invest with Confidence

At Armodilo, we maintain unparalleled client satisfaction through effective communication, top-notch product quality, and two-pass quality control. When you choose us, you're investing in your brand with confidence, knowing that our products are designed, manufactured, and backed by the best in the industry.

Lifetime Warranty

We're not just proud of our North American design and manufacturing; we also stand behind it 100%. Our Lifetime Warranty ensures that the tablet stand and kiosk solutions you deploy with us will stand the test of time.


Armodilo is the only company in the industry to provide this level of warranty, setting us apart as leaders in product integrity and customer satisfaction. Join the ranks of the world's greatest brands and invest in Armodilo for refined, flexible, secure, and durable solutions backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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