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Check out our complete line of North American-made tablet enclosures and iPad kiosks.


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Alur tablet and ipad kiosk stand. Magnetic features allowing for full customization on the whole kiosk front.
Sale priceFrom $1,099.00 USD
Black Curve iPad and Tablet Desktop stand. Showcasing the stand and face of the tablet.
Sale price$299.00 USD
The Floor freestanding iPad and Tablet kiosk in black with a screen tablet display.
Black Keyo surface and wall mounted tablet enclosure with tablet screen interface.
The Sphere tablet kiosk in action moving back and forth
Spot Portable Tablet & iPad Enclosure in black
Armodilo Surface Mounted iPad & Tablet Enclosure in black
Armodilo Tilt Wall Mounted iPad & Tablet Enclosure in black
Black Armodilo Vesa tablet enclosure
Wall mounted iPad and Tablet enclosure displayed on a wall
Floor Freestanding iPad & Tablet Kiosk and Xtrasafe kiosk for hand sanitizing
Sale price$1,249.00 USD