Holt Renfrew

Holt Renfrew

In-Store Digital Curation Using Tablets

Luxury giant Holt Renfrew isn’t missing the boat when it comes to tablet tech. The “showrooming” and “webrooming” battle continues to plague retailers trying to keep their customers buying in-store, but Holt Renfrew has the solution. Rolling out seasonal must-have collections, Holt Renfrew is launching the Holts Muse project. A dynamic exhibit of on-trend pieces, the Holts Muse uses the sleek AURA freestanding iPad kiosk to display items and information next to the exhibit. 

Digital signage provides Style Inspiration

Beyond easy to maintain, the AURA kiosk is also versatile, allowing for quick and easy graphic panel changes by retail associates to keep the Holts Muse current and engaging. Whether the retail display is featuring hats & scarves for the upcoming winter or a new selection of shoes and boots for the spring, the AURA kiosk’s magnetic front panel can easily change to complement a new in-store display. The backlit graphics draw consumer’s attention to the exhibit while becoming an intrinsic part of the retail store’s design—an extension of the total experience Holt Renfrew is curating for their customers.

As well as being able to review the latest selection of fashion pieces on display, shoppers can share ideas and inspiration by interacting via social media—another win for Holt Renfrew as they bridge the gap between their on-line and in-store retail experiences.

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