TAG - Strauss Water

TAG - Strauss Water

Strauss Water Exhibit by TAG

Strauss Water is a world leader in water purification systems. They offer great tasting and high quality water solutions. Through development, production and marketing, they offer environmentally friendly heating and cooling water bars designed to be used in homes and businesses. In 40 years of business, Strauss Water has continued to evolve, venture and collaborate with water quality experts and multinational companies. 

For this project, TAG produced an attractive, branded trade show exhibit for Strauss Water, integrating Armodilo's Surface tablet mounts and Armodilo Floor  freestanding tablet kiosks and digital touch point opportunities throughout the exhibit, using the evolution of digital signage to help show their commitment to the evolution of water. 

About TAG

TAG is a 35 year old, full service solutions company offering design, fabrication, warehousing of exhibits, and program management to fit the Client’s wants and needs. Their solutions are designed to increase the brand awareness while enhancing audience engagement at trade shows and events.

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