Melbourne Now Exhibition

Melbourne Now Exhibition

Armodilo Display Solutions is partnering social enterprise, Policy Booth to deliver an innovative digital consultation as part of the upcoming ‘Melbourne Now’ Exhibition – the largest exhibition in the history of the National Gallery of Victoria. From November 2013 to March 2014 over a quarter of a million people visited ‘Melbourne Now’ and explored the unique combination of art, fashion, and design that made this exhibition one of the most anticipated shows in Australia.

Technology helps shape the future

Former Armodilo CEO Asia-Pacific and Dubai, Gregg Amies says, “Armodilo and Policy Booth are working together to activate a community consultation on ‘how might we design our future city.’ This consultation is an opportunity for visitors to provide ideas and insights into how Melbourne can grow and adapt to new opportunities and challenges.”

One of the highlights and more immersive installations at ‘Melbourne Now’ is titled ZOOM and illustrates that the city rests upon a sea of information. Data ebbs and flows, creating dynamic patterns and overlays, which can then be interpreted and learnt from by those with the right tools. Set against this morphing field of data, an analogue ‘human survey’ uses freestanding iPad kiosks for feedback, asking the audience to help design the future of Melbourne through choice and opinion.

Managing Director of Policy Booth, Bec McHenry explains, “Policy Booth designs custom pop up consultation environments that excite and drive participation. By utilising Armodilo tablet display stands, we can securely and seamlessly integrate our digital surveying platform  – ePublic – into the exhibition”.

The data collected through Policy Booth and Armodilo will be turned into a series of infographics and used to showcase the residents voice in the future of this incredible city.

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