Flex Events - Latam Airlines

Flex Events - Latam Airlines

A Genuine Airline Experience

With over 140 destinations in 25 countries, LATAM Airlines is South America’s leading airline. Founded as Linea Aerea Nacional in Chile in 1929 expansion and mergers over the years led to the formation of the LATAM Airlines Group in 2012. With a focus on safety and constant growth LATAM is ranked as one of the top three airline groups in the world.

Partnering with Flex Events, LATAM demonstrated why it has earned such a great reputation with the use of engaging Armodilo AURA brandable freestanding tablet kiosks at their in booth setup during the GBTA Convention in 2016 to showcase the company's approachability and dedication to comfort and service. 

About Flex Events

With a presence in 22 countries, Flex Event Network is a global leader in trade shows and events. Founded in California in 2009 Flex prides itself on creative, quality displays and experiences. From Miami to Milan, Flex coordinates with local fabricators and suppliers to ensure that client event run smoothly and provide memorable experiences.

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