A Digital Transformation

Founded in 1965 Subway has grown to become the largest single-brand restaurant chain in the world. With more than 44,000 locations Subway can be found in 112 countries globally with menus suitable to their region. Offering a wide range of sandwiches and salads Subway advertises itself as a fresh alternative to traditional fast food offerings. Currently in the midst of their "restaurant of the future redesign," the company's first major redesign in 20 years, Subway has begun to add kiosk ordering stations with POS capabilities at various locations across the USA.

Digital Engagement and POS

As customers enter the new, digitally capable Subway stores they are met with several stations where they can customize and pay for their orders quickly and easily. The kiosks are powered by Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets and displayed using the Armodilo Surface tablet enclosure. To support this initiative, Armodilo developed a custom bracket to accommodate the OTI 6500 Trio card reader and integrated an audio jack for ADA compliance.

Reports by Bloomberg and 16:9 are optimistic about the potential of these custom ordering and point-of-sale kiosks, and Armodilo is proud to participate in Subway's digital turnaround. QSR reports that Subway's energy-efficient decor, increased capacity from self-service tablet ordering kiosks, and fresh vegetable display case have been a hit with customers and franchisees alike, emphasizing the restaurant's commitment to customer choice.  

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