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Armodilo Tablet Enclosures Elevate Point of Sale Experiences with LINGA

LINGA, a leading provider of cloud-based point of sale systems, chose to partner with Armodilo Display Solutions to revolutionize iPad POS deployment. Incorporating Armodilo's premium iPad enclosures into their turnkey solutions, LINGA offers its clients a secure, attractive, and high-quality point of sale experience. Oscar Fandino, a key member of the LINGA team, explains, "We wanted a premium, comprehensive product that not only delivered the functionality but also provided a nice look and feel for our customers."

Expanding into Retail

While LINGA’s reputation for high quality restaurant Point of Sale solutions, the company has only recently made a significant push into the retail sector. "We already had the framework for retail, with inventory modules and barcode integration,” Fandino said “now, we are working on robust solutions to handle inventory, sales, and more." LINGA's tablet-based POS kiosks enable retailers to deliver an enhanced customer experience while seamlessly managing their operations.

Supporting Multiple Industries

LINGA's vision extends beyond restaurants and retail. Fandino highlights their efforts to expand into industries like hospitality, with solutions designed for hotels and reservation systems. He states, "We are currently working to integrate two of the most popular hotel and resort management platforms into our software. This will help to streamline billing and daily operation processes for both guests and staff, while also offering the cutting-edge cloud based POS technology that we are known for."

The Evolution of LINGA

Fandino, who has been with LINGA since its early days, reflects on the company's growth and the changes they have undergone. From early Windows-based systems to developing their own iOS-based software, LINGA has continually evolved their software to meet the needs of their expanding client base, but finding good hardware solutions has been difficult. "Before Armodilo, we had a more simple, inexpensive offering,” Fandino said, “[but] Armodilo's premium tablet stands provided the consistency and brand expression we were looking for."

Armodilo: A Game-Changer

Before adopting Armodilo's products, LINGA utilized simple, low-cost stands that didn't fully align with their brand image. Now, LINGA is partnered with Armodilo: “a premium, comprehensive solution that perfectly complemented our iPad-based software. It provided a visually appealing, high-quality solution for our customers," Fandino said.

LINGA has transformed the point-of-sale space. Their solutions offer a seamless, visually appealing experience for restaurants and retailers. LINGA's commitment to leveraging cloud-based technologies and providing exceptional service positions them as an industry leader in perfecting the point-of-sale experience, and in partnership with Armodilo, they’re one step closer.

LINGA rOS is a leading cloud-based point of sale system catering to the needs of restaurants and retail stores. With its user-friendly interface and extensive range of features, including online ordering, inventory management, and employee scheduling, LINGA offers a secure and cost-effective solution. Established in 2004, LINGA introduced the first all-in-one, cloud-based operating system and has since evolved to incorporate various functionalities such as QR code-based menus and enterprise inventory solutions. Serving clients in 48 countries, LINGA continues to be a frontrunner in the hospitality industry, enabling businesses to optimize their operations, increase revenue, and enhance customer experiences.

Armodilo Display Solutions has been the industry leader in iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures since we first introduced them to North America in 2012, and our award-winning designs remain at the forefront of tablet display systems today. Brands around the world choose Armodilo tablet enclosures due to their high-quality materials, innovative features, enclosure security, and North American manufacture. If you want to push the boundaries of tablet integration in your commercial space, choose Armodilo Display Solutions.

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