Leveraging iPad Deployments for Enhanced Guest Feedback

Partnered with Armodilo since 2018, Benbria has revolutionized the guest feedback space by incorporating iPad-based deployments into its customer experience program. By leveraging Armodilo's award winning iPad kiosks, specifically the Alur iPad kiosk with magnetic panels, Benbria offers its clients a unique kiosk channel that facilitates feedback collection through their Loop® platform. Sandra Holland, Director of Marketing at Benbria, states, "Customers using the Loop kiosk see increased feedback over any other channel, ranging between 30-40%."

Easy Rebranding and Adaptability

One of the key advantages of utilizing Armodilo's Alur is the ease of rebranding. This feature empowers Benbria's clients to adapt and modify their messaging as their programs evolve. Holland emphasizes, "The ability to rebrand the kiosks easily is a huge benefit for our clients. It allows them to move and change the messaging according to the dynamic nature of their customer experience initiatives."

Omni-channel Approach

Benbria takes pride in offering an omni-channel approach, enabling customers to collect feedback and engage with clients across traditional, digital, and social channels. By integrating great software experiences with Armodilo iPad kiosks, Benbria enhances customer engagement and ensures a comprehensive feedback collection process. Holland highlights, "Our kiosk deployment is the number one engagement tactic, surpassing other channels such as email and SMS. This reinforces the significance of the tablet-based approach in maximizing customer interaction."

Support from Local Companies

Benbria values partnering with local companies to support its business to stay agile and to provide a high level of service to its client base, and part of their flexibility is their partnership with Armodilo. Holland appreciates Armodilo's exceptional customer service and quick response to client needs, stating, "the team at Armodilo consistently deliver effectively, even during times when we require a quick turnaround time or a large order. Their support plays a vital role in our ability to provide top-notch service to our clients."


By leveraging tablet-based deployments with support from Armodilo, Benbria has elevated its customer experience program, transforming the guest feedback space. The seamless integration of freestanding iPad kiosk enclosures allows for a concierge approach, enhancing engagement and feedback collection metrics. With the ease of rebranding, an omni-channel approach, and the support of a local partner, Benbria delivers exceptional experiences to its clients while solidifying its position as a leader in real-time experience management.

About Benbria

Benbria is a leader in real-time experience management for location-based operations, helping the world’s most customer-centric brands deliver a superior experience that goes above and beyond their competitors. Loop® enables brands to capture feedback and insights related to customer and employee experiences including loyalty, satisfaction and effort, engage to convert and recover, and motivate frontline employees to improve operations, reduce customer churn and increase loyalty.

About Armodilo

Armodilo Display Solutions has been the industry leader in iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures since we first introduced them to North America in 2012, and our award-winning designs remain at the forefront of tablet display systems today. Brands around the world choose Armodilo tablet enclosures due to their high-quality materials, innovative features, enclosure security, and North American manufacture. If you want to push the boundaries of tablet integration in your commercial space, choose Armodilo Display Solutions.

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