New Hope Church

New Hope Church

An Innovative and Diverse Ministry

For 14 years, Pastor Dr. Benji Kelley has inspired, taught, and built a community at New Hope Community Church, reaching a diverse breadth of multi-cultural members in North Carolina, South Carolina, Kenya, and anywhere in the world that has access to the internet.

It’s obvious that New Hope Church is growing, as evidenced by its 10 total campuses. And with a large number of its membership being comprised of young families, this innovative, diverse ministry has grown by focusing on offering engaging contemporary services.

Although New Hope Church is growing, it can be hard to be one church in multiple locations, and with so many campuses to keep track of, it’s important to also keep track of its members, nowhere more so than in Children’s Ministry. 

One Church, 10 Campuses

As a multi-campus church, each location shares the same concerns about child security, and with its recent growth spurt bringing 500-600 children to church every Sunday morning, it became increasingly important to reassure parents with a transparently safe and secure environment for their kids. 

The pastors at New Hope church had long believed in the effectiveness of an elegant electronic check-in and check-out system. When kids are checked in, two stickers are printed: one for the child, and one for the parent to release the child at the end of the day. If the stickers match, the parent and child clearly belong together.

However, with advances in technology, the desktop computers and the printers volunteers were using to ensure the safety of the members’ children were becoming slower and harder to maintain, and when it came time to renovate and upgrade the main campus, it was also time to give the church even more room to grow by modernizing the check-in system. 

A reliable, portable, and customized digital check-in experience

After much research, the church board settled on the Armodilo Floor as a flexible, portable solution that could be expanded to allow multiple check-ins throughout the campus. By adding-on a shelf for a printer and a barcode scanner, Armodilo’s tablet-powered sign-in kiosk not only made it easy for parents to take comfort in their children’s safety, but also saved on space.

Over the course of the last 9 months, Armodilo’s reliable portable tablet-powered kiosk solution has shown itself to be more than up to the task. At one point, while the main campus was under renovation, Newhope Church met in a local movie theater, and when they did, they even brought their Armodilo Floor with them to ensure smooth and reliable check-ins, and it more than stood up to the task. 

Armodilo is proud to offer an all-in-one solution to help the members of New Hope Church save time and feel safe. We look forward to helping them further as they grow.  

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