Cornerstone Community Church

Cornerstone Community Church

Modernizing Children's Check-In

With 175 people congregating each week, Cornerstone Community Church, on the beautiful north shore of Lake Tahoe, NV, offers dynamic non-denominational children services from birth to 5th grade during the Sunday school gathering. The purpose of the Children’s Ministry is to help children grow in relationship with Jesus Christ through games, interactive lessons and hands-on activities. Nathalie Sacci, Children’s Director, found that as their attendance of Sunday activities grew from 10 children to 50 in a few short years, she needed to find a solution more technologically advanced then a pen and paper to check in children. “The sign in sheet worked great when there were a small group of children but as our congregation grows, we needed something more safe and efficient” says Sacci. 

Tablet Kiosks Perfect for Worship Services

While attending a children’s ministry expo in 2015, Sacci saw Armodilo's iPad kiosks being used at a trade show booth and immediately knew they were the perfect solution. “I really liked the elegant and rugged design” says Sacci. The tablet-powered sign-in kiosk stand lives outside the children’s classroom and is heavily used throughout the week. As the kiosk is new, Cornerstone Community Church has a greeter guiding parents on how to utilize the stand. 

More Efficient Check In/Out Services

After only a few weeks, Sacci noticed a decrease in wait times for child registration thanks to the new Armodilo iPad check-in kiosk. As safety is a main concern for Sacci, she wanted to incorporate a new ticket system with the iPad kiosk. When a child is checked in, they receive 2 tickets. Each has the child’s first name and a number on them. The child wears one ticket while at their program and in order to check out the child, the parent must present the staff member with the second ticket. Although this process was done manually prior to adding the free-standing Floor kiosk, the church has now added a printer to the kiosk to make the whole process even more efficient. 

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