Armodilo Surface Front-and-Centre at Eatsa

San Francisco, California - Offering customers a futuristic all-digital ordering experience with no lineups or cashiers for its customizable quinoa dishes, Eatsa is revolutionizing the way we think about restaurants, and the Armodilo Surface mounted iPad kiosk is the digital touch-point at the heart of this new dining experience.

Opening its doors to the public on August 31st, 2015, Eatsa combines fully-automated dining with a retro 1950s Automat-style food delivery system to integrate technology with customizable restaurant service. There are no lines at Eatsa. Customers enter, order their food on one of the many iPads located around the edge of the store, and then wait for their order to come up in a personalized smart glass compartment.

At Eatsa, customers can order one of six pre-selected dishes, or develop their very own quinoa bowl on the fly using the very same digital touchpoint they use to pay for their food. This futuristic experience means there are no lines and no cashiers in this fully tech-integrated dining experience.

Armodilo is proud to partner with Eatsa to have our secure and robust Surface tablet mounts as the primary digital touch point at Eatsa. Eatsa is already expanding from San Francisco into Los Angeles, and we look forward to supporting their growth in the future.

Armodilo’s award-winning customizable tablet mounts are designed to enhance the aesthetics of any space, offering interactivity to customers and guests while protecting the technology used to power any kind of interactive technology solution securely with no wires, no mess, and elegant multi-tablet capability.

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