Digital Signage Guide Education

Education Digital Signage & iPad Kiosks

From primary schools to universities and colleges, and even in libraries and museums, tablet-powered digital kiosks are revolutionizing student responsivity, interactive learning experiences and campus feedback.

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Digital Signage Guide Software Developers

Software Developers

Tablets are presenting a vast range of possibilities for software developers who specialize in consumer interactions and streamlined processes, but they also present a challenge. They present hardware demands and challenges to developers who live in worlds of code.

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Digital Signage Guide Healthcare

Healthcare & Patient Check-In iPad Kiosks

Patient sign-in kiosks, waiting room interactive touch points, wall-mounted interactive displays and over-the-counter interaction are some of the many uses for tablet powered kiosks in healthcare environments. Our long-lasting tablet enclosures are easily sterilized for maximum safety.

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Digital Signage Guide Hospitality Tourism

Hospitality & Tourism Tablet and iPad Kiosks

Rugged, secure, branded interactive experiences are transforming the hospitality and tourism industries. Learn more about how to improve guest engagement with low-footprint tablet enclosure solutions.

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Digital Signage Guide Retaill Commercial

Retail & Commercial iPad POS and Kiosks

From customized order management to product lookup to efficient point-of-sale solutions, secure interactive touchpoints customized to your brand provide customers with all the best features of online shopping, inside your retail space.

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Digital Signage Guide Security Checkin

Security & Check-in Kiosks

Turn any lobby floor space or wall into a 24/7 concierge or security checkpoint with a secure, tablet-powered interactive touch point. Our adaptable enclosures support biometric sign-in peripherals to provide secure check-in services, room and visitor management, and safe childcare solutions.

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Digital Signage Guide Tradeshows Events

Event & Tradeshow iPad Stands and Kiosks

Secure, attractive, brandable digital touch points are the new face of event and trade show experiences. Digital kiosks provide guests with information, sign-up and contest activations, sales support, and booking opportunities even when your staff are busy.

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Digital Signage Guide Worship

Donation & Giving Kiosks for Churches and Worship

From e-giving kiosks to digital signage promoting community services and events, interactive touch points offer flexible solutions for many church and worship programs. Learn more about how we've supported childcare check-ins, bookstore POS, and even digital tithing.

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HappyPediatric Armodilo Case Study iPad Tablet Kiosk Enclosure

Tablet Kiosks in a Changing World

How tablet kiosks can help businesses in a changing world.

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