In the healthcare sector, customer experience marketing has extraordinary influence on clinic outcomes. Many clinics are too busy to manage their online presence, even though online ratings like reviews are a key source of information new clients use to choose which clinic to go to. It's not uncommon to discover a clinic that has grown to serving 1,000 patients a week in as little as 5 years with fewer than 30 online ratings - and not always from their satisfied customers.

Clinia is a healthcare marketing agency looking to make a splash by helping clinics improve their lead acquisition, online visibility, and reputation management. For most clinics, happy patients don't go online to give positive ratings, but are too happy to leave comments when things don't go well. Thanks to Clinia, healthcare professionals from sole practitioners to clinic owners now have access to a comprehensive suite of marketing tools to stay connected with patients and develop lasting client relationships.

Clinia helps clinics with customer experience marketing. Because online reviews rarely paint the whole picture, one valuable CX solution has been to add feedback touch points on-site at the clinic location. Reducing friction in customer feedback gives clinic owners substantial, actionable data to improve their customer service and NPS outcomes while reducing the quantity of negative online reviews.

Instead of only receiving negative and neutral feedback, as is seen in so many clinics' online reviews, "it’s better for the clinic and the patient to have the opportunity to express their frustrations or positive experiences on the way out the door," says Simon Bédard, CEO and founder of Clinia.

Clinia's customer experience feedback practice has grown quickly. "Initially we started with a paper, pen and a ballet box to gather client comments," says Bédard. "We received a lot more comments than expected. The issue was that we had to go and gather up the responses and type them into an Excel doc, then send the summary to the clinic. It was very cumbersome. We decided to test out an iPad to get comments faster and more efficiently. It worked better than paper and pen for high traffic clinics."

After an initial pilot, Clinia's team built a feedback app where clients can rate their experience quickly on just four screens, including open-ended comments, which are then which are then uploaded directly to a private portal built by Clinia for each clinic. Now, clinics can access and take steps to address client comments in real time, with none of the cumbersome paperwork and tabulation needed with a pen-and-paper system.

In order to gain valuable patient feedback, however, it was important for Clinia to partner with a company producing attractive freestanding iPad kiosks, with laser-etched branding which could be modified with a rear banner stand  to aid visibility.

"We chose Armodilo over other options due to the premium look and solid design. It’s critical in the healthcare industry to have products that look good in a private clinic setting," said Bédard. "Our clients want products that fit visually and integrate into their interior design."

For Clinia one of the best aspects of their partnership with Armodilo is the quality of their tablet enclosures and stands, as well as their long-term viability. For Bédard and Clinia's clients, "The [tablet enclosures] are high value products that you want to last for a long time. You are really buying an asset that needs to be sturdy."

Armodilo's award-winning design has helped Clinia grow over the last years, expanding their product range and adding new proof-points to their brand story, while helping give Bédard peace of mind. "Armodilo offered a partner program, and if something happened where we needed quick service we knew they were closer than other companies," Bédard said. "It's a smooth experience from start to finish."

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