Efficient Check-Ins Help Over 1.5 Million Patients in 513 Partner Institutions

Chronometriq is a quickly-growing SaaS that improves the quality of the experience of patient care. Since 2012, Chronometriq has made medical care easier to access for over 1.5 million patients through online appointment bookings, automated reminders, and medical self-service kiosks.

With clinics and hospitals everywhere trying to control the costs, Chronometriq has partnered with Armodilo to offer a low-cost solution for improving patient care that can be deployed on site in as little as 15 minutes while helping to reduce staffing requirements.

Reducing Patient Wait Times with Check-In Kiosks

For patients, using Chronometriq’s system is easy. When a patient arrives in a clinic, they enter their health insurance information into a self-serve kiosk which finds their health records in the patient database. Patients can update their personal information as needed, and clinic staff are notified of the new arrival at once.

Clinics and hospitals using Chronometriq’s software have reduces patient check-in times to as low as 45 seconds, compared to 5 minutes when check-ins are completed by a secretary, often while waiting in a long queue. The system is easy for patients to use, and clinic secretaries have more time available to perform value-added work such as taking care of patients that are more complicated and booking new appointments.

That savings in time adds up. Most Chronometriq customers serve between 200 and 600 patients every day, meaning a savings of over 13 work-hours dedicated to check-ins alone.

Lean Manufacturing with a North-American Partner

After encountering the premium build quality of Armodilo’s secure tablet enclosures in person, Chief Growth Officer Remi Richard did some research on kiosk manufacturers, and noticed that some offerings were up to 10x more expensive, or made overseas.

With Chronometriq’s fast growth and their clients ordering an unpredictable number of patient check-in kiosks, Richard was happy to find a company manufacturing kiosks in North America.

“It was the perfect solution for us,” Richard said, “the service team is very responsive and friendly. We don’t know when we need a stand but when we do we contact Armodilo and it’s really quick to get to our office. In two weeks the clinic can be up and running. If we shipped a kiosk from China it would take a month. And with Armodilo we don’t have to stock a lot of product. We do just in time ordering and shipping and it fits our need for agility.”

Client Flexibility with Tablet Kiosk Enclosures

Thanks to Armodilo’s tablet kiosk enclosures, Chronometriq is able to provide clinics with a really great quality solution at an affordable price. Clients can buy the Armodilo floor for stand-alone check-in kiosks or use the Sphere for a desk-mounted solution, and each patient check-in kiosk is custom-branded with the clinic’s own logo, complemented by Armodilo’s many in-house colour options.

“The overall experience with Armodilo is simple, fast and easy,” said Richard, “it’s a quality product at a low cost, and you can feel that it’s engineered well. In the past, we had a very sturdy kiosk but it cost $10,000, and we found the same quality for $500 from Armodilo.  We see Armodilo as partners in our growing success.”

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