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Bite Kiosks

BITE kiosks offer a mouthful of change/benefits to the food service industry

Smart self-service stations are at the cutting edge of the food service industry, with companies like Panera, Subway, and MacDonald’s driving changes in in-store ordering experiences. As far as self-service has come, there’s always room to improve. Bite Kiosks is poised to partner with restaurant brands worldwide to offer AI-enhanced customer service experiences.

Self-service kiosks reach more customers, faster

Millennials are among the key demographics flocking to quick-service restaurants featuring self-serve options, and this revenue stream is complemented by the additional efficiencies offered by a streamlined ordering system. Restaurant locations featuring self-service kiosks see a revenue increase of up to 30%, and a peak-time transaction increase of up to 60%.

With the evident value of integrating self-service into restaurants and cafeterias Bite has designed a kiosk solution to outperform the competition not only in price, but also in experience. “When you walk up to the counter at a fast food restaurant the employees don’t remember who you are, what your usual order is, your preferences, what you like and don’t like,” says Steve Truong, Head of Products at Bite. 

Improving restaurant sustainability with modular design

In addition to integrating artificial intelligence without requiring an app download, Bite’s turnkey order-taking solution relies on a partnership with Armodilo to ensure their countertop tablet enclosures fit naturally into the designed experience of any client brand.

“Armodilo’s tablet enclosures are just really robust across many use cases, which is really important for us because every location we work with is slightly different,” says Truong, who chose to partner with Armodilo for the customizability, including options for countertop or wall mounting and for exposing or hiding buttons.

Fitting any tablet into any interior

Another reason Bite chose to partner with Armodilo was that the enclosures are not locked to specific devices. “We had so many requests for bigger screens, and Armodilo was able to provide tablet fit kits to fit our large iPad Pro-size tablets,” said Truong.

In searching for tablet enclosure partners, Truong found it difficult to find a solution that would match client brand aesthetics. “We want the product to blend in well with the location it is showing up in, and Armodilo has pleasant looking solutions. Both the light and dark versions of the kiosk look nice with our printer and payment device, blending in nicely with modern restaurant designs.  It looks like a really nicely put together solution,” said Truong, “and all the wiring is hidden and the counter is clean, minimalist. We like that feature.”

Armodilo and Bite: A promising partnership

Bite’s Head of Product Steve Truong has gained extreme confidence in going to market using Armodilo’s flexible solutions. “We know that the Armodilo solution is very universal. It’s a solution that works well in all places,” he said. “We have thought about going to grocery stores and installing a solution at the deli counter. Of course Armodilo is going to have a solution. We know that Armodilo has a floor stand solution we could use. We are sure they can produce some solution for any problem we have, and it’s enabling us to go out to the market with that confidence that we don’t have to worry about another detail. We know for a fact that the tablet case solution is taken care of by Armodilo.

“What made up our mind about using Armodilo long term was not only that they hit the functional requirements, but their team, particularly their sales rep Jon,” said Truong. “He was willing to work with us even though we were an early stage start-up, and he showed us he was super responsive. One thing I’ve found is we have to work with a lot of third parties to make our business work. Armodilo is by far the most responsive from all of the third parties we work with.”

At Armodilo, we’re pleased to be able to support such a promising startup through their launch and growth phases, and to be part of an integrated solution that takes pressure off the front-of-house staff and focuses employee efforts on order fulfilment.

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