Appetize and Armodilo put the finishing touches on US Bank Stadium

Working with the biggest food service vendors in America, Appetize offers enterprise-level service support through its industry-leading cloud-based point of sale (POS) software backed up by its tablet-powered kiosk and handheld touchscreen solutions. When Appetize was asked to install 640 customer-facing kiosks and terminals in the brand-new US Bank Stadium, which opened in July 2016, they immediately thought of Armodilo as the most secure, attractive and flexible tablet mounting solution that would match the futuristic look of the new home of the Minnesota Vikings.

New Stadium, New Looks, New Customer Experience

According to COO Jason Pratts, Appetize often deploys Armodilo’s tablet enclosures for customer-facing kiosk and POS deployment.

 “We typically use Armodilo products in a lot of customer-facing kiosk type interactions including as a kiosk interaction with someone to take an order, and also to take payment on them directly,” said Pratts, “we love the fact that it’s seamlessly integrated with the Magtek iDynamo swipe card reader. Before we discovered Armodilo, we didn’t have good looking hardware cases. From a security and overall look perspective we want something that will keep the tablet secure as well as look great. Armodilo has been able to solve that for us.” 

For the US Bank Stadium installation, Pratts installed 600 terminals using a variety of Armodilo tablet enclosures including the Curve, Surface and Armodilo Spheres as walk-up kiosks for customer-facing interactions, which he chose for their look and “coolness factor.”

Finding The Best Tablet Enclosures for Food Service Point of Sale

Appetize has worked with a wide variety of enclosures for tablet deployment. For a time, they were using an internally-designed metal case, and later switched to a generic metal case. After researching alternative suppliers, Pratts discovered that Armodilo’s well-designed solutions came at a lower cost.

“From a price standpoint, the Armodilo line of products gave us the level of comfortability in the fact that they had a solution for a variety of scenarios. We like flexibility. Armodilo products work with a magnetic stripe reader, wall mounting, a swivel arm mount, a cool stand mount, and a standalone mount,” said Pratts.

Rewriting the Script for Location-Specific Deployments

According to Pratts, one of the best benefits of partnering with Armodilo has been their shared aesthetic. “Something we are after is breaking down barriers of traditional POS. We want to rewrite the script a little bit, in terms of the look and feel. That futuristic look helps,” said Pratts, who has eagerly taken advantage of Armodilo’s custom creative design and engraving options to deliver Appetize’s branding to new deployments, and to engrave credit card icons on the side of payment terminals.

These custom features make it easy for Appetize to offer flexible solutions for any kind of client deployment. “A client will want to figure out how to mount a kiosk for a specific look in a specific scenario to make it look like the best POS out there and meet the aesthetics of their location. We are able to leverage Armodilo’s line of products to meet  every client’s needs. The way that people are using tablets today is unique, very

A Future-Proof Tablet-Mounting Solution

Pratts went on to stress the suitability of Armodilo as a future-proof technology deployment solution. “As for the level of the flexibility of the product, Armodilo is flexible with any sized tablet. Given the ever-changing Apple environment, the corner inserts make it easy to adapt quickly any time they change the size of the device.”

In the future, Pratts and Appetize are looking forward to partnering with Armodilo to develop deployment solutions for custom display products outside of the Apple and Android operating systems, as well as EMV chip card terminals. Pratts is confident that Armodilo will offer kiosk and digital touchpoint solutions that look better and feel better. 

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