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With its low profile, sleek silver accents, and premium feel, ALUR brandable iPad floor-standing kiosk makes the most of your messaging.

Based on the design of our award-winning AURA back-lit tablet kiosk, ALUR is about focus. Use our innovative quick-change magnetic panels to adjust the graphics, messaging or branding on this locking iPad kiosk stand while delighting visitors with a refined digital touchpoint.

ALUR is ideally suited to hospitality, retail/commercial, trade show or security deployments where visibility is important. Whether you’re deploying an iPad as a retail stand or drawing crowds at a trade show, the quick-change graphic panels make it easy to promote new loyalty programs, promotions, activations, and partnerships.

Features and Benefits

Tough, secure, slimline, multi-tablet capable, and highly brandable, ALUR is an iPad kiosk that represents an investment in your space. 

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • High quality steel & aluminum construction.
  • Painted high-gloss white front and back panels.
  • Easily changeable magnetic graphic panel.
  • Fully enclosed & secured with ArmoLock™ security screws.
  • Easily cleaned and disinfected.
  • Available for a variety of Apple iPad models (landscape orientation only).
  • Two sizes: 14" wide for 9–10" tablets and 16" wide for 11–12" tablets.
  • New ALUR tablet carrier design makes it possible to switch tablets of similar size by switching the carrier.
  • ADA compliant tablet kiosk stand.

The Armodilo ALUR is a locking iPad kiosk stand with options to fit any model iPad.
The Armodilo ALUR is a secure iPad kiosk stand with easily changeable graphic panels.

Magnetic Personality

ALUR's steel panels allow us to attach a magnetic printed panel quickly and easily to the front of your tablet or iPad kiosk stand, making it highly customizable. The magnetic graphic panels can be changed in a matter of seconds, and swapped out for different events, sales, or promotions; or even just when you feel like a change.

Whether you choose ALUR's stock look or customize your locking iPad kiosk stand with custom graphics, ALUR's front and back panels are beautifully painted in a high-gloss white finish with brushed aluminum accents.

Whether you choose ALUR's stock look or customize your locking iPad kiosk stand with custom graphics, ALUR's front and back panels are beautifully painted in a high-gloss white finish with brushed aluminum accents.

Fe + Al > Perfectly Balanced

ALUR's elegance and beauty are underlined by its highly robust design. When you see an Armodilo kiosk you know that quality design and engineering is always underneath all that outer beauty. ALUR takes its breathtaking design cues from our award-winning AURA branded tablet & iPad kiosk stand, but with a slim silhouette that's 1/3 the thickness. With a super strong aluminum sub-frame, steel panels and aluminum accents, you get the perfect balance of tough and sleek in this tablet & iPad security stand while it’s busy promoting your brand.

Armodilo ALUR is a sleek, low profile iPad security stand made of aluminum and steel
Armodilo ALUR offers an internal cable routing path for your iPad, making it the tablet kiosk or iPad retail stand you can deploy without any mess.

Internal Cable Routing

ALUR is designed so that your iPad can be plugged in the whole time that it's within the kiosk. There's room for the tablet's cable to be routed from the tablet through the kiosk and down to the bottom, and exiting on the back panel close to the base, so your freestanding tablet kiosk never loses power. (A 10' Lightning cable is recommended but not supplied with the kiosk.)

Multi-tablet Capable

We originated and innovated the multi-tablet kiosk stand, and we continue to do so. ALUR uses a unique carrier that's designed for a specific iPad tablet, but it can also be exchanged to support another iPad tablet of similar size. Simply add your iPad, slide the carrier into the ALUR kiosk and lock it all in place. There's no simpler way to create a highly engaging tablet touch-point.

The ALUR kiosk stand carrier and tablet are secured using our tamper-resistant ArmoLock™ high security screws, ensuring your technology remains safe even in high-traffic environments.

The Armodilo ALUR iPad kiosk stand supports every Apple iPad tablet, making it a great brand investment.

Passive Thermal Venting

ALUR has openings in the top and bottom of the kiosk, allowing for passive thermal venting. Cool air is drawn in at the bottom of the kiosk and pulled upward past the tablet, removing any excess heat on the way through, and the warm air exits at the top of the kiosk through subtle vent slots. The tablet carrier provides room in behind the tablet for air to continually move, allowing the tablet to operate within normal temperatures in any environment.

Available Finish

Alur Swatch
Gloss white front and
back panels with brushed
aluminum accents


(Medium Tablet)
(1234 mm)
(356 mm)
(356 mm)
37 lbs
(16.8 kg)
(Large Tablet)
(1234 mm)
(406 mm)
(356 mm)
42 lbs
(19.0 kg)


  • Alur Specifications - Large
  • Alur Specifications - Medium

ALUR can be customized for the following devices

Don't see your tablet?
Brand Model Model#
Apple iPad 10.2 - 7th Generation
Apple iPad 10.2 - 8th Generation
Apple iPad 10.2 9th Generation
Apple iPad 10.9 10th Generation
Apple iPad 5th & 6th Generation (2017)
Apple iPad Air 2 9.7
Apple iPad Air 3 10.5 ( 2019)
Brand Model Model#
Apple iPad Air 9.7
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 1st & 2nd Generation (2016)
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Generation (2018)
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 4th Generation (2020)
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 5th Generation (2021)
Apple iPad Pro 9.7
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 - 10.5 SM-X200

Support Request

Support requests will be answered within 2 business hours Monday to Friday 9:00 - 6:00 EST. For immediate assistance please call 1.800.975.5946

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