Mobile Check In Kiosks for Children in Sunday School

Mobile Check In Kiosks for Children in Sunday School

In the bustling community of Goshen, Indiana, River Oaks Community Church has stood as a beacon of faith, drawing over 1,200 community members every Sunday. The church's growth, fuelled by its commitment to responsible incorporation of technology, has presented both opportunities and challenges. As the church evolved with improved member databases, professional lighting, and advanced audiovisual elements, a specific need arose in the realm of children's ministries.

Focusing on the well-being and growth of its youngest members, River Oaks Community Church recognized the need for innovation in managing the check-in process for children attending Sunday school. With the launch of three Armodilo Floor iPad kiosk stands for children's check in, the church found a solution that streamlined operations and significantly enhanced the overall experience for parishioners, families and children.

Responsible Technology Integration

At the heart of River Oaks Community Church's success is its commitment to stewardship, investing in infrastructure projects that are not only innovative but also contribute to the fulfillment of their mission. The incorporation of technology was a means to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members, including the youngest ones.

Addressing Growing Pains

Despite the positive growth, the church faced logistical challenges, particularly in the children's ministry. Technology Director Tim Blaum observed congestion leading to longer wait times, especially for parents with kids and volunteers serving in the ministry. Recognizing the need for a solution that catered to tech-savvy parents and streamlined the check-in process, Blaum turned to the possibilities offered by tablet kiosks.

iPad Kiosks in Sunday School

Understanding that younger parents were comfortable with technology, Blaum implemented iPad-powered kiosks, specifically choosing Armodilo Floor tablet kiosks for their sleek design and functionality. The decision was driven by the desire for a solution that not only enhanced efficiency but also complemented the church's commitment to aesthetics and a personalized touch.

"I didn't want to see the power cable on the outside of the device or the stand. I wanted something with cable management built in. I wanted something that was going to give me the flexibility to mount either portrait or landscape. Ultimately, I think one of the reasons why I did go with Armodilo was because of the shelf component that was available," shared Blaum.

Improving Check-In Experiences

The introduction of Armodilo kiosks has had a transformative impact on the check-in system. Lines are shorter, and families are now heading straight to the kiosks for a seamless sign-in process. While the physical limitations of space remain, the success of the initial implementation has paved the way for future expansions, potentially placing a check-in station at every classroom.

Community Leadership in Action

Beyond the logistical improvements and enhanced efficiency, River Oaks Community Church's adoption of mobile check-in stands for children represents a broader thought leadership initiative within the church community. It speaks to the importance of embracing technology responsibly, ensuring that innovations contribute not only to operational efficiency but also to the overall spiritual experience of the parishioners.

This case study serves as a testament to the value and security that well-implemented technology brings to the church, its families, and the children. As churches worldwide continue to navigate the intersection of tradition and innovation, the story of River Oaks Community Church stands as an inspiring example of how thoughtfully integrating technology can elevate the spiritual journey for all members, young and old alike.

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