Sweet Seven Cannabis

Sweet Seven Cannabis

A simple philosophy

Sweet Seven Cannabis Co. started with a vision, create a sleek but modern store experience that caters to both the experienced individual and the first-time user. The team is dedicated to finding the best way to help each unique customer find the experience they’re looking for.

Digital Signage at Sweet Seven

With the help of the Sphere™ tablet stand by Armodilo, Sweet Seven Cannabis Co. is increasing engagement and improving the customer journey through the use of a dynamic digital touchpoint. In an increasingly crowded space, cannabis retailers are constantly looking for new tools and strategies to help them stand out and ensure that customers are satisfied and keep coming back time and again.

Everyone at Sweet Seven Cannabis works hard to ensure that their customers have a comfortable and ”SWEET” shopping experience, while browsing through our “SEVEN” mood stations. Imagine the endless possibilities and let your adventure begin and end with Sweet Seven Cannabis Co.

The Project

With every design detail meticulously planned, all that was needed was a point-of-sale system that integrated seamlessly into the store’s unique aesthetic. The Sphere countertop iPad POS enclosure by Armodilo was the perfect solution. With it’s sleek and durable design and integrated tilt functionality, the Sphere™ allows for effortless display of content for both staff and customers. This facilitates an effortless sales process that enhances the customers shopping experience.

"My favorite feature about Armodilo Sphere™ is the tilting head, so staff can use it on one side, then push it over for the customer to see the staff's recommendation on the tablet as well. We also like that the tablet case has a great aesthetic, but very durable,” said Carmen Menéndez, General Manager.

"Integrating tablet enclosures into the Sweet Seven Cannabis store proves that when effectively used, technology can lead to a satisfying and competitive retail experience."

Sweet Seven Cannabis has locations in Waterloo, Cambridge, Sudbury and Espanola. To learn more about their product selections and more, visit

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