Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin

Secure Tablet Kiosks for Secure Facilities

Armodilo Display Solutions is proud to support Lockheed-Martin with our Aura, Floor and Sphere models as security and visitor management kiosks.

Over 20 Lockheed-Martin facilities in the US rely on Armodilos's secure tablet kiosks in their visitor’s centers, and Armodilo is committed to its role as a security provider. Our highly-secure and exclusive ArmoLock™ security screws help ensure that unauthorized individuals cannot tamper with tablets protected by Armodilo enclosures, as uniquely keyed drivers are required to directly access the tablets while they are deployed, while the lifetime warranty on our steel faceplates and injection-molded ABS housings ensure security system tablets are protected from theft and tampering when deployed.

A global technology leader

As one of the largest aerospace, defense and technology companies in the world, Lockheed-Martin has been a global leader in aviation, space travel, data collection and advanced weaponry for the US Military for over 100 years. Lockheed-Martin was integral to the Allied successes in both World Wars, perfected technology that makes space travel possible, developed the GPS system as we know it today and contributed to deep sea exploration in addition to countless other advances. With over 400 facilities in more than 70 countries Lockheed-Martin continues to innovate in robotics, nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing. 

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