JDA (Blue Yonder) - Dynamic Retail Solutions

JDA (Blue Yonder) - Dynamic Retail Solutions

JDA (Blue Yonder) Showcase Flexibility of Retail Software Solutions with Armodilo Sphere iPad Enclosures

Client Overview:

  • Company Name: JDA, now known as Blue Yonder, Inc.
  • Industry: Supply Chain and Retail Merchandising Software Solutions
  • Location: Headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, with 40 offices worldwide.

Client Background: JDA, rebranded as Blue Yonder, is a global leader in integrated supply chain and retail merchandising software solutions, with over 30 years of industry experience. Their clientele includes over 4,000 manufacturers, distributors, and retailers worldwide, relying on their innovative solutions for end-to-end omni-channel strategies.

Challenges Faced: JDA aimed to showcase the flexibility and effectiveness of their retail software solutions at a trade show campaign. They sought to engage customers through an interactive platform that demonstrated the adaptability and functionality of their offerings.

Solution Implemented: To address this challenge, JDA partnered with Armodilo Display Solutions and utilized the Armodilo Sphere desktop tablet enclosures. These enclosures provided a versatile and engaging platform for showcasing JDA's retail software solutions. By integrating iPads within the enclosures, JDA created an interactive fitness app that effectively demonstrated the capabilities of their software in real-time.

Process of Implementation:

  1. Collaborative Planning: JDA and Armodilo collaborated closely to conceptualize and plan the implementation of the interactive platform.
  2. Customization: Armodilo customized the Sphere iPad enclosures to align with JDA's branding and design preferences, ensuring a seamless integration with the overall campaign theme.
  3. App Development: JDA developed a fitness app specifically tailored to showcase the functionalities of their retail software solutions. The app was designed to engage trade show attendees and provide hands-on experience with JDA's offerings.
  4. Deployment: Armodilo efficiently deployed the customized Sphere enclosures with integrated iPads at the trade show venue, ensuring optimal visibility and accessibility for attendees.

Results and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Engagement: The interactive platform powered by Armodilo Sphere enclosures captivated trade show attendees, effectively demonstrating the flexibility and functionality of JDA's retail software solutions.
  • Brand Visibility: JDA's branding was prominently featured on the customized Sphere enclosures, reinforcing their brand identity and creating a memorable impression among attendees.
  • Positive Feedback: The interactive fitness app received positive feedback from trade show attendees, highlighting the effectiveness of the platform in showcasing JDA's innovative solutions.

Client Testimonial: "The collaboration with Armodilo was instrumental in elevating our trade show campaign. The Sphere iPad enclosures provided a captivating platform for showcasing our retail software solutions, and the interactive app was a hit among attendees. We are thrilled with the results and look forward to future collaborations."

Conclusion: The partnership between JDA (Blue Yonder) and Armodilo Display Solutions resulted in a successful trade show campaign that effectively showcased the flexibility and functionality of JDA's retail software solutions. The use of Armodilo Sphere iPad enclosures and the interactive fitness app contributed to enhanced engagement, brand visibility, and positive feedback from trade show attendees, demonstrating the value of innovative display solutions in marketing initiatives.

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