Magtek eDynamo Card Reader Bracket

This add-on consists of an aluminum bracket and enclosure modifications, custom machined to hold the Magtek eDynamo Card Reader on our Original tablet enclosures. Perfect for retail, point of sale, giving kiosks or anywhere payment or identification utilizing swipe or chip methods are required.

Features and Benefits

  • Black anodized aluminum mounting bracket integrates directly into our Original tablet enclosures.
  • Provides an easy and secure mounting option for the eDynamo card reader.
  • Internal cable path provides a cable free installation.
  • Highly secure mounting bracket integrates directly into the enclosure.
  • Secure E-Torx mounting screws optional.

Armodilo VESA All+eDynamo 2 Readers In One s
Armodilo VESA All+eDynamo Back View S

Safe and Secure

The eDynamo Card Reader uses MagneSafe a digital identification and authentication architecture that safeguards consumers and their personal data. Designed to exceed PCI regulations, MagneSafe leverages strong encryption, secure tokenization, counterfeit detection, tamper recognition, data relevance and integrity, and dynamic digital transaction signatures, which together validate and protect the entire transaction and each of its components. The bracket is designed to hold the eDynamo directly onto the Armodilo Kiosk head, creating a sturdy mounting mechanism. (Card reader not included.)

Wireless or USB

The eDynamo Secure Mag / EMV Chip Card Reader can connect wirelessly or using Micro-USB on iOS, Android or Windows devices. The low energy power consumption extends the life of its rechargeable batteries. 

Armodilo VESA All+eDynamo Side View s

Please note:

This add-on is machined into the side of the Original enclosures, removing the finish and is therefore best suited for Black, Sky White or Gun Metal Grey products. On colour units the cutout will result in the finish being removed in the modified area, exposing the underlying white colour. Please talk to your Customer Service Representative for more information.

Available Finishes

Black Anodized Aluminum

Works with

Magtek eDynamo Card Reader

Support Request

Support requests will be answered within 2 business hours Monday to Friday 9:00 - 6:00 EST. For immediate assistance please call 1.800.975.5946

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