Tablet and iPad Kiosks in Hospitality and Tourism

There are countless needs to inform, assist, direct and transact with consumers in restaurants, hotels and attractions – and tablets are ideally suited to make that happen both professionally and simply.

The hospitality and tourism industries now use tablet and iPad kiosks in all kinds of locations. Tablet kiosks, whether mounted on walls, countertops and tables, or free standing are complementing or even taking over the day-to-day tasks of staff in everything from restaurants to museums.

For interactive touch points, tablet kiosks just make sense – guests, see attractive tablet enclosures with diminutive displays that are ready to help, always accurate and filled with knowledge. Nothing truly replaces talking to staff, but in busy environments, tablets can help resolve many guest questions before staff become available. 

When integrated with back-end systems like inventory and room management, tablets have the real-time information and smarts to upsell guests on the spot, adding to operating bottom lines with minimal staffing impacts. See how our iPad kiosks, and tablet enclosures are used in hospitality and tourism on our case studies and inspiration page.


Armodilo Floor Original SkyWhite

Floor$549.00 USD

Sturdy, secure, and impactful tablet enclosures in any free-standing application where a sign-in, check-in or information kiosk is required.

Armodilo AURA Floor Silver

AURA$2,749.00 USD

With back-lighting and changeable graphics, AURA iPad kiosk stands help tourist attractions highlight events, features or attractions.

Armodilo Keyo Tablet Kiosks - Wall or Surface Secure Tablet Enclosure

Keyo$249.00 USD

Wall-mounted, key locking iPad enclosures accepting a wide array of peripherals for security or information kiosks.

Digital Signage & Virtual Concierges

Major hotels have full-time concierges in their lobbies, there to answer questions and optimize experiences for guests. But the vast majority of hotels don’t have the room count or resources to employ a full-time concierge – so front desk staffers spend a lot of time passing along dining recommendations, directions to shopping malls, and recommendations on what to do while in the area. You can free up your staff time with tablet kiosks used for interactive digital signage in your lobby and soft seating areas. 

Digital Signage & Virtual Concierges
In-room Information in iPad Kiosk Enclosures

In-room Information in iPad Kiosk Enclosures

Armodilo has equipped entire hotels with iPad kiosk enclosures that are fixed in every guest room – providing a virtual concierge that includes all the hotel services information otherwise contained in binders and folders on desktops and in drawers. Connected to networks, the information is always available and up to date. In-room tablet enclosures can also be tied in to ordering systems for room service, and to up-sell guests on options such as spa services and late checkouts. 

Tablet Kiosk Enclosures as Exhibit Explainers

Tablets with almost limitless information capabilities are replacing printed paper signs associated with exhibits and scenes in museums and galleries. Visitors can use tablet kiosks and Armodilo tablet enclosures to explore detailed information about featured exhibits, and some museums connect NFC-based visitor cards to serve highly personalized information tied back into loyalty programs.

Tablet Kiosk Enclosures as Exhibit Explainers
Guest Photos with Touchscreen Kiosks

Guest Photos with Touchscreen Kiosks

If you’ve visited a theme park or similar attraction, you’ve undoubtedly exited through a gift shop and seen rows of instant-printed photos capturing a fun moment in your experience. Using iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures for guest photos reduces printing waste, and enables guests to order, buy and print the photos they want, on the spot.


A big attraction lined with Pad kiosks housed in Armodilo tablet enclosures wins over a crowd like nothing else. With our custom branding and finishing options, you can be sure your Armodilo tablet enclosures will match your brand, stand out in the environment, and activate your guests.