Armodilo Original Floor

The Armodilo Floor tablet stand offers the same high quality build and profile as the award-winning 3-in-1, but in a single configuration, making it the perfect freestanding iPad and Tablet-powered kiosk. The Armodilo Floor tablet display stand enhances your kiosk experience like the 3-in-1, with the added simplicity of using only a single configuration, and it’s just as easy to set up and pack away.  

Originally called the Armodilo(rt), the Armodilo Floor is a sleek, elegant freestanding tablet and iPad kiosk designed for showrooms, retail and corporate spaces. Enhance your brand image with an interactive kiosk featuring fully-enclosed tablet housing, integrated cable routing, WiFi signal transparency, and landscape or portrait mode setup flexibility.


Features and Benefits

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Durable lightweight aluminum (only 12lbs) for easy transportation and reduced shipping costs.
  • Multi-tablet capability using our Tablet Fit Kit™ system.
  • ArmoLock™ security screws.
  • Set up in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Fully integrated cable routing for a cable-free look.
  • Quick Connect port for quick wiring or added security.
  • ADA compliant design.
  • Many accessories available for personalized branding and ease of use.


One Sturdy Stand

With the Armodilo Floor freestanding tablet display stand you get the world’s most highly acclaimed tablet kiosk system, integrated cable management, ABS & aluminium construction to provide unmatched durability, and our patent-pending Tablet Fit Kits™ to provide the flexibility to use any iPad or tablet. 

An Elegant Kiosk Solution

Based on the design of the award-winning 3-in-1, the Armodilo Floor is a kiosk and display tablet mount that fits the aesthetics of any space, making this tablet stand the natural choice to install in retail, restaurant, museum, showroom, professional office, corporate foyer, and hotel lobby environments.   


Canadian Pat. No. 141837 US Pat. No. D671545 Other Patents Pending

Available Finishes

Swatch Armodilo Original Floor SkyWhite
Sky White
Swatch Armodilo Original Floor GunMetalGrey
Gun Metal Grey
Swatch Armodilo Original Floor Black


Floor 46.25”
10.15 lbs
(4.60 kg)
Measurements based on medium enclosure in landscape mode. For large enclosure add 1.67”H / 2.00”W


  • Armodilo Line Drawing Original Floor
  • Armodilo Line Drawing Soft Bags

Floor can be customized for the following devices

Don't see your tablet?
Brand Model Model#
Acer Switch 11 P1HBC
Apple iPad 1
Apple iPad 2 / 3 / 4
Apple iPad Air
Apple iPad Air 2
Apple iPad Mini 1 / 2 / 3
Apple iPad Mini 4
Apple iPad Pro 12.9
Apple iPad Pro 9.7
Asus Memo Pad Smart ME301T
Google Nexus 10 GT-P8110HAAXAR
Google Nexus 7 [2012] NEXUS7ASUS1B16
Google Nexus 7 [2013] NEXUS7ASUS2B16
Google Nexus 9 99HZF00X-XX
HP Omni 10 F4C56UA
LeNovo ThinkPad V2 3679-XXU
Microsoft Surface (RT) 1515 / 1516
Microsoft Surface 2 1572
Microsoft Surface 3 1645
Microsoft Surface Pro 1 & 2 1514
Brand Model Model#
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 1631
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 1724
Samsung Galaxy Note - 10" GT-N8013
Samsung Galaxy Note - 10" (2014) SM-P600
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro - 12" SM-P9000
Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 - 10" GT-P7510
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 10" GT-P5113
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 7" GT-P3113
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - 10" GT-P5210
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - 7" SM-T210R
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - 8" SM-T3100
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - 10" SM-T530N
Samsung Galaxy Tab A - 9.7" SM-P550
Samsung Galaxy Tab E - 9.6" SM-T560
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro - 10" SM-T520N
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro - 12" SM-T9000
Samsung Galaxy Tab S - 10.5" SM-T800N
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 - 9.7" SM-T810
Samsung Slate Series 7 XE700T1A
Sony Xperia Z2 SGP511

Compatible Accessories

Accessories BaseplateElectricalCover SkyWhite

Baseplate Electrical Cover

Cover and secure your tablet's power adapter with this add-on

$39.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories OnOffButton SkyWhite

Power Button Add-on

Physical power button extension on any Original product

$20.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories OnOffAccessHole SkyWhite

Power Access Hole

Power button access hole on any Original product

$10.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories LaserEtching SkyWhite

Laser Etching

Laser etched artwork on faceplate of any Original product

$10.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories Silkscreen SkyWhite


Silkscreened artwork on faceplate of any Original product

Call for Pricing Learn More
Armodilo Accessories ArmoTwist SkyWhite


Add 360˚ rotation and 25˚ tilt to any 3-in-1, Floor and Surface models

$99.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories RearBanner SkyWhite

Rear Banner

Rear banner hardware for the 3-in-1 and Floor stands

$149.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories FrontBanner SkyWhite

Front Graphic

Front graphic hardware for the 3-in-1 and Floor stands

$99.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories iDynamoCardReader SkyWhite

iDynamo Bracket

Bracket for iDynamo card reader on any Original product

$79.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories DynamagCardReader SkyWhite

Dynamag Bracket

Bracket for Dynamag card reader on any Original product

$29.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories QuikLinkSecurePlug SkyWhite

QuikLink Secure

QuikLink security plug for all Original products

$20.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories MotorlaBarcodeReader SkyWhite

Motorola Scanner Bracket

External bracket for Motorola (now Zebra) DS457 barcode scanner

$49.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories HeadphoneHanger SkyWhite

Headphone Hanger

Headphone hangers for the 3-in-1 and Floor stands

$39.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories KeyboardTray SkyWhite

Keyboard Tray

Keyboard tray for 3-in-1 and Floor models

$79.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Crate

Shipping Crate

Standard 2 or 4 unit for 3-in-1 and Floor or custom shipping crates

$349.00 USD Learn More
Soft Bag Set

Carrying Bags

A set of two nylon carrying bags for the 3-in-1 and Floor stands

$149.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories AcrylicShelf SkyWhite

Acrylic Shelf

Custom sized acrylic shelf with height adjustable tube collar

$39.00 USD Learn More

Support Request

Support requests will be answered within 2 business hours Monday to Friday 9:00 - 6:00 EST. For immediate assistance please call 1.300.797.282USD

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