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Introducing Sphere™ by Armodilo, the tablet stand with a playful, quirky personality that lightens up any space. Every-which-way you turn it, Sphere is fun and inviting. That’s the beauty of its uniquely simple design. No matter where or how you place it, this engaging tablet stand will look amazing and enhance any environment. Works with a wide variety of tablets thanks to our patent-pending Tablet Fit Kit™ system.

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Available in a variety of colours

Colours Sphere™

  • Sphere™ by Armodilo | Interaction on both sides of the counter
  • Sphere™ by Armodilo | Interaction on both sides of the counter
    Interaction on both sides of the counter

    Easily flip the Sphere kiosk head to face either side of the counter. The intuitive design allows quick and smooth access for customer signatures, PIN entry and other interaction. Armodilo's engineers designed Sphere to make tablet flipping seamless and smooth each and every time.

  • Sphere™ by Armodilo | 180˚ Rotation
    Optional rotational base

    Beyond the intuitive flip, Sphere also has optional built in rotation in the base to allow for easier positioning of the tablet if required. The rotation can be locked when not required. The rotation is an optional add-on, please ask your sales representative for more information.

  • Sphere™ by Armodilo | Using Tablet Fit Kit
    Multi-tablet capable

    Armodilo's patent-pending Tablet Fit Kits™ provide the only true multi-tablet compatible enclosures. Switchable inserts fit virtually any tablet from 7" through to 12.25". To change tablet models simply insert the correct frame. Armodilo stocks the most common tablet frames and readily supplies custom frame options for any non-standard tablet configuration.

  • Sphere™ By Armodilo | Tough & Secure
    Tough & secure

    Sphere is based on Armodilo's multiple award-winning tablet display enclosures, which are made tough and durable to withstand high use environments. The same high-quality construction and high-security, ArmoLock™ tamper resistant screws make Sphere as tough and secure as every tablet stand in the Armodilo family.

  • Sphere™ by Armodilo | Freestanding or Mountable
    Freesitting or mountable

    Sphere comes with four rubber feet for non-skid desktop positioning. If a more permanent solution is required, the included mounting hardware can be used to permanently mount Sphere to any surface.

  • Sphere™ by Armodilo | Retail Point of Sale
  • Sphere™ by Armodilo | Point of sale redesigned
    Point-of-sale redesigned

    The Sphere design combines playful looks with robust construction to create an unparalleled tablet display solution. Sphere is tough enough for high traffic, commercial settings in any industry, from retail to healthcare. The Sphere's signal transparent enclosure lets Wifi or Bluetooth signals flow unimpeded between the tablet and any peripherals. If optional cabling is required, the innovative Sphere design hides all cabling inside the stand for an elegant, clutter-free look.

  • Sphere™ by Armodilo | Landscape or Portrait Orientation
    Landscape or portrait

    Easily setup Armodilo's kiosk head unit in either landscape or portrait mode during assembly, increasing the amount of applications that you can support. (Flipping from landscape to portrait mode on-the-fly is not supported).

  • Sphere™ by Armodilo | Integrated Cable Management
    Integrated cable management

    Power and accessory cabling can be run inside the head unit and through the stand*. There is even room inside the head unit for cable splitters such as an HDMI / 30pin Apple iPad connector so you can connect the tablet display stand directly to any HDMI enabled external display. *An internal cable opening of 11 x 17mm is available to route cabling.

  • Fully Enclosed Tablet Housing
    Fully enclosed tablet housing

    Armodilo's housings are fully secured with ArmoLock™ tamper resistant screws to provide maximum security. Run the applications you want and safeguard tablets in a variety of settings knowing users will only be able to access specific content.

  • Sphere™ by Armodilo | Colour Options
    Colours and options

    Sphere is available in two tablet size configurations, three standard colour choices and an assortment of limited availability colour options. Custom colour options are also available, please call for more information and pricing.


Features & Benefits

  • Compact fun & quirky tablet stand
  • Perfect for desktop or surface installations
  • Tablet enclosure tilts 90˚
  • Smooth tilt function stays where it's set
  • Optional rotational base
  • Multi-tablet support via our patent-pending Tablet Fit Kits
  • WIFI, 3G, 4G Transparent Tablet Enclosure
  • Rigid ABS construction
  • Built-in cable management
  • "Quick connect" port for quick wiring or added security using our QuikLink™ add-on
  • 1 Year Warranty

Available In

  • Black
  • Sky White
  • Gun Metal Grey
  • Daredevil Red
    (Pantone 485)
  • Sunkissed
    (Pantone 7404)
  • Fusion Green
    (Pantone 374)
  • Dynamic Blue
    (Pantone 2925)
Sphere™ by Armodilo Specifications
* Local delivery charges within Australia apply. Please contact us for details A cable opening is available to route cables through the housing and into the base -- the opening is: 11 x 17mm.