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Prod ArmoTwist ArmoTwist™

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Add pivoting and rotational freedom to the kiosk head of any Armodilo(ex), Armodilo(rt) Freestanding and Armodilo(rt) Surface Mount with ArmoTwist™. ArmoTwist allows for cabling up to 0.75″ (19mm) to be run through the ArmoTwist head and is tension adjustable to adjust for a variety of applications. 

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Available in

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  • ArmoTwist - Add 360 Rotational and Pivoting Movement

    Now with pivoting and twisting action

    With ArmoTwist you can add 360˚ rotational and up to 25˚ pivoting freedom to any Armodilo(ex), Armodilo(rt) Freestanding or Armodilo(rt) Surface Mount configuration. Let users easily adjust for their individual preferences, adjust from landscape to portrait on the fly and rest assured knowing that all cables can still be run internally.

  • Armodilo(ex) 3-in-1 Configurations
    ArmoTwist let's you decide

    ArmoTwist can be configured to offer 360˚+ rotation for unlimited rotational freedom or can also easily be reconfigured with a stop to impede movement after 360˚ is reached -- perfect for installations where cables and power is necessary -- no twisted cables, no mess -- ArmoTwist lets you decide the configuration that's best for your installation.

  • Armodilo(ex) Lightweight and Portable iPad / Tablet Kiosk
    Add or remove as required

    ArmoTwist is a modular add-on, so it can be added at any time. Simply install ArmoTwist between the kiosk head unit and tube setups of the Armodilo(ex), Armodilo(rt) Freestanding or Armodilo(rt) Surface Mount.

  • Armodilo Tablet Fit Kits for Multi Tablet Support
    On the fly tension adjustability

    ArmoTwist is tension adjustable using supplied tools -- quickly adjust the tension to get the perfect feel for the kiosk head. Tension adjustability is also perfect for when you switch between different kiosk head sizes or when using different tablet models of different weights.

  • Armodilo Landscape or Portrait Orientation
    Sleek and sexy - finished in black

    ArmoTwist is made of black Delrin and Anodized black aluminum to give it a fit and finished feel. The black finish goes perfectly with any of our standard colours, white, black and gun metal grey and also complements custom colour configurations.

  • Armodilo Integrated Cable Management
    Integrated cable management

    That patent-pending design allows power and accessory cabling can be run inside ArmoTwist's interior cable management channel. Cables up to a maximum diameter of 0.75" (19mm) can be fed through the ArmoTwist to provide a 'cable free look' for your installation.

  • Fully Enclosed Tablet Housing
    100+ hours of rigorous testing

    ArmoTwist has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it withstands day-to-day use -- we continuously test our design using automated movement systems -- testing for material wear, durability and function. Each ArmoTwist is manually assembled, goes through a quality control inspection and comes with a full 1 Year Manufacturers warranty.


Features & Benefits

  • Add 360˚ rotation & 25˚ pivoting movement
  • Easily add-on to Armodilo(ex), Armodilo(rt) Freestanding & Armodilo(rt) Surface Mount (Gen2)
  • Patent-pending compact, lightweight design
  • Tension adjustable from light to stiff movement
  • Internal cable management up to 0.75" (19mm) diameter
  • 360˚ stop is integrated and removable as required
  • Delrin & anodized aluminum construction
  • 1 Year Warranty

Perfect for

  • Adding adjustability to an existing or new Armodilo display system
  • Letting users adjust the display system for their own height requirements
  • Applications where portrait and landscape orientations are both required
  • Adjusting camera angles for applications that require it
ArmoTwist Specifications
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