Tablet & iPad Enclosures for Developers

iPads and other tablets present a vast range of possibilities for software developers who specialize in consumer interactions and streamlined processes, but they also present hardware demands and challenges to developers who live in worlds of code. 

Mobile is the way of the future for software development. Armodilo’s line of mounted tablet/iPad enclosures help software developers to stick to what they’re good at. Using a mounted device helps developers focus on making the best applications, user experiences and contents – and then quickly test it in  real-world scenario operating conditions. Check out our case studies to see how our tablet enclosures help enable software development.

Tablet Enclosures for Manifesting Great Ideas

Operating on a Preferred Partner model, here’s what we offer to software teams across any vertical:

Single source vendor;

- Full customer support in North America;

- Subject matter expertise on working with tablets and peripherals;

- High attention to industrial design and quality control;

- Integration, testing, logistics, kit-packing and drop-shipping, as required;

Custom branding and design;

- Tablet kiosks and enclosures built to look as good and work as reliably in Year 3 as they do on Day 1.

Contact us today to ask how our Preferred Partner model can help get your software business delivering professionally on hardware-driven tablet projects. 

Tablet Enclosures for Manifesting Great Ideas