Case Studies & Inspiration

Here are some of the projects that have successfully used tablet enclosures and kiosks to develop some amazing digital touch points

Armodilo Tablet Stand Enclosure Kiosk Clinia Activation


Reducing Clinics' Friction For Customer Feedback


ArmoShield Face Shields

How Armodilo supports essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Armodilo Tablet Stand Enclosure Chronometriq2a


Patient Check-In Kiosks Reduce Clinic Wait Times 80%

PeterMac Armodilo Case Study iPad Tablet Kiosk Enclosure

Peter Mac Hospital

Welcoming & Modern iPad Kiosks Help Patients and Carers Relax.

HappyPediatric Armodilo Case Study iPad Tablet Kiosk Enclosure

Happy Pediatric Dentistry

Children Love Visiting the Dentist where High-tech Meets One-on-One Attention.