Wall (Xero)

Choose a product line

Choose a colour option


Xero Front Face Material

Choose the material for the Xero front face (Seen from the front of the unit)

Clear (+0.00)

Xero 'X' Backer

Choose the finish for the 'X' backer

Clear Anodized (+0.00)

Tablet Fit (Xero)

Choose the tablet you want Xero to be configured to fit

Apple - iPad 2017 (A1822) [Xero] (+0.00)

Branding Options (Xero)

Front Face Branding (Xero)

Additional branding options for the Xero Front Face

Add-ons (Wall Xero)

Xero Kickstand

Use the Xero holder by itself using the optional clip-in steel kickstand


Armodilo Wall XERO SkyWhite MainThumb

Wall (Xero)


As configured


* Usually ships in 5 - 7 business days

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