Armodilo VESA Original SkyWhite


Secure Tablet Enclosure, iPad Kiosk, VESA Mount
$199.00 USD Select
Armodilo Floor Original SkyWhite


Secure Floor Tablet & iPad Kiosk Stand
$549.00 USD Select
Armodilo Sphere Original SkyWhite


Secure Desktop Tablet Stand & iPad Kiosk
$319.00 USD Select
Armodilo Curve Original SkyWhite


Secure Desktop Tablet Stand & Kiosk
$319.00 USD Select
Armodilo Surface Original SkyWhite


Secure Desktop Mount Tablet Stand & Kiosk
$319.00 USD Select
Armodilo Tilt Original SkyWhite


Secure Tablet and iPad Wall Mount, Tilts
$269.00 USD Select
Armodilo Wall Original SkyWhite MainThumb


Secure Tablet and iPad Wall Mount, Static
$269.00 USD Select
Armodilo Spot Original SkyWhite


Secure Tablet and iPad Stand & Enclosure
$219.00 USD Select


Armodilo Keyo Tablet Kiosks - Wall or Surface Secure Tablet Enclosure


Secure iPad Wall Mount, Tablet Stand, POS Tablet Enclosure
$249.00 USD Select


Armodilo AURA Floor Silver


Floor Tablet & iPad Kiosk Backlit, Changeable Graphics
$2,749.00 USD Select


Custom Thumbnail

Custom Tablet Enclosures

Custom Tailored iPad Kiosk, Tablet Stand and Tablet Enclosure Sol...
Call for Pricing Select


Armodilo Accessories OnOffButton SkyWhite

Power Button Add-on

Physical power button add-on for Armodilo Original tablet/iPad en...
$20.00 USD Select
Armodilo Accessories OnOffAccessHole SkyWhite

Power Access Hole

Power button access hole add-on for Armodilo Original Tablet/iPad...
$10.00 USD Select
Armodilo Accessories LaserEtching SkyWhite

Laser Etching

Faceplate laser etching add-on for Armodilo Original tablet/iPad ...
$10.00 USD Select
Armodilo Accessories Silkscreen SkyWhite

UV Printing

UV printed faceplate artwork add-on for Armodilo Original tablet/...
$25.00 USD Select
Armodilo Accessories ArmoTwist SkyWhite


Adds 360˚ rotation, 25˚ tilt to Armodilo Floor & Surface tablet/i...
$99.00 USD Select
Armodilo Accessories RearBanner SkyWhite

Rear Banner

Rear Banner add-on hardware for Armodilo Floor standing tablet an...
$149.00 USD Select
Armodilo Accessories FrontBanner SkyWhite

Front Graphic

Front graphic hardware For Armodilo Floor standing tablet and iPa...
$99.00 USD Select
Armodilo VESA All+eDynamo 2 Readers In One THUMB

eDynamo Bracket

Bracket For eDynamo Card Reader For Original Tablet Enclosures
$39.00 USD Select
Armodilo Accessories DynamagCardReader SkyWhite

Dynamag Bracket

Bracket add-on for Dynamag card readers, compatible with all Armo...
$29.00 USD Select
Armodilo Accessories QuikLinkSecurePlug SkyWhite

QuikLink Secure

QuikLink security plug add-on for Armodilo Original tablet/iPad e...
$29.00 USD Select
Armodilo Accessories MotorlaBarcodeReader SkyWhite

DS457 Scanner Bracket

External bracket add-on for Motorola (now Zebra) DS457 barcode sc...
$49.00 USD Select
Armodilo Accessories HeadphoneHanger SkyWhite

Headphone Hanger

Headphone Hangers for Armodilo Floor tablet and iPad kiosks.
$39.00 USD Select
Armodilo Accessories KeyboardTray SkyWhite

Keyboard Tray

Keyboard tray for Armodilo Floor standing tablet/iPad kiosks.
$49.00 USD Select
Armodilo Surface Swivel

Surface Swivel

Add-on for Armodilo Surface mounted tablet/iPad kiosks adds 360˚ ...
$79.00 USD Select
Armodilo Corner Inserts Thumb

Tablet Fit Kit

Replacement Tablet Fit Kits are easily changeable so you can upgr...
$69.00 USD Select
Armodilo Surface VESA Adapter Thumbnail

VESA Adapter

Tablet kiosk VESA adapter add-on for monitors with 75 or 100mm VE...
$29.00 USD Select
Armodilo Accessories AcrylicShelf SkyWhite

Aluminum Shelf

6.5" x 10" aluminum shelf for the Floor x Armodilo freestanding t...
$49.00 USD Select
Accessories BaseplateElectricalCover SkyWhite

Baseplate Electrical Cover

Cover and protect the cabling of your Armodilo Floor tablet/iPad ...
$49.00 USD Select


Alur Swatch R2


Floor iPad Kiosk, Changeable Magnetic Graphics
$1,099.00 USD Select