Armodilo Original Surface | Tablet and iPad Surface Mount Kiosk

The Armodilo Surface tablet and iPad surface mounted kiosk enclosure lets you increase interactivity by securely mounting your device to any wall, table or desktop. The Surface tablet display can be configured for extra accessibility through optional add-ons, including the ArmoTwist (for up to 360˚ rotation and 50˚ pivoting movement of the enclosure head in any direction), or a rotational base.

Based on our award-winning design, the Armodilo Surface tablet and iPad and kiosk mount is easy to install wherever you need a low-footprint display or POS. With its fully-integrated cable routing system for a cable-free look, Wi-Fi signal transparency, and the ability to be set up in either landscape or portrait mode, the Surface instantly adds interactivity to any space.

Banner showing the Armodilo Original Surface table mount tablet and iPad enclosure from all angles in Sky White.

Features and Benefits

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Durable lightweight aluminum & ABS build (only 5lbs).
  • Multi-tablet capability using our Tablet Fit Kit™ system.
  • ArmoLock™ security screws.
  • Easily cleaned and disinfected.
  • Quick Connect port for quick wiring or added security.
  • Tablet and iPad desk stand can be set up in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Fully integrated cable routing for a cable-free look.
  • Many accessories available for personalized branding and ease of use.

Assembly view of the Armodilo Original Surface iPad and tablet enclosure with Tablet Fit Kit.
View of two black Armodilo Original Surface tablet and iPad enclosures in wall mount configuration.

One Surface – Infinite Flexibility

Whether it is used as a wall-mounted information kiosk powered by a tablet or iPad, as a desk stand for a point-of-sale (POS) system, or as a secure tablet mount for shareable screens, the Armodilo Original Surface provides a secure housing with seamless design for your touch point deployment while enhancing any countertop or wall with a fully-interactive display. The Armodilo Surface is ideal for installation in retail, showroom, corporate, and hospitality environments.

Easy Technology Upgrades

The Armodilo Original Surface is designed to be installed once, and only once. With its enhanced security and solid aluminum design, you can rest assured that your iPad or tablet will be safe and sound. Better yet, our Tablet Fit Kits™ and modular add-ons make it easy to upgrade your kiosk enclosure installation to any iPad, Microsoft Surface or a wide variety of Android tablets you choose without dismantling it.

Assembly view of the Armodilo Surface mount showing mounting points and internal cable routing features on the display kiosk.
View of an open Armodilo Original Surface tablet and iPad enclosure showing the internal cable routing.

No wires, no mess

The tablet enclosure and aluminum armature of the Armodilo Original Surface allows all cabling and wires to be hidden within the enclosure, providing a clean and secure iPad or tablet touch-point experience that cannot be tampered with. 

Available Finishes

Swatch Armodilo Original Surface SkyWhite
Sky White
Swatch Armodilo Original Surface GunMetalGrey
Gun Metal Grey
Swatch Armodilo Original Surface Black


Surface 12.13”
3.30 lbs
(1.50 kg)
Measurements based on medium enclosure in landscape mode. For large enclosure add 1.67”H / 2.00”W


  • Armodilo Line Drawing Original Surface

Surface can be customized for the following devices

Don't see your tablet?
Brand Model Model#
Acer Switch 11 P1HBC
Apple iPad 1
Apple iPad 10.2 - 7th Generation
Apple iPad 10.2 - 8th Generation
Apple iPad 10.2 9th Generation
Apple iPad 10.9 10th Generation
Apple iPad 2 / 3 / 4
Apple iPad 5th & 6th Generation (2017)
Apple iPad Air 2 9.7
Apple iPad Air 3 10.5 ( 2019)
Apple iPad Air 4 10.9 ( 2020)
Apple iPad Air 9.7
Apple iPad Mini 1 / 2 / 3
Apple iPad Mini 4 / 5
Apple iPad Mini 6
Apple iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)
Apple iPad Pro 11 1st Generation (2018)
Apple iPad Pro 11 2nd Generation (2020)
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 1st & 2nd Generation (2016)
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Generation (2018)
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 4th Generation (2020)
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 5th Generation (2021)
Apple iPad Pro 9.7
Google Nexus 7 [2013] NEXUS7ASUS2B16
Google Nexus 9 99HZF00X-XX
HP Omni 10 F4C56UA
Microsoft Surface (RT) 1515 / 1516
Microsoft Surface 2 1572
Microsoft Surface 3 1645
Brand Model Model#
Microsoft Surface Go 1824
Microsoft Surface Go 2 1901
Microsoft Surface Go 3 1901
Microsoft Surface Pro 1 & 2 1514
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 1631
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 1724
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 1796
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 1796
Microsoft Surface Pro 7 1866
Microsoft Surface Pro 8
Samsung Galaxy Note - 10" (2014) SM-P600
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro - 12" SM-P9000
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - 10" GT-P5210
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - 7" SM-T210R
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - 8" SM-T3100
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - 10" SM-T530N
Samsung Galaxy Tab A - 10.1" SM-T580
Samsung Galaxy Tab A - 10.1" SM-T510
Samsung Galaxy Tab A - 10.5" SM-T590
Samsung Galaxy Tab A - 8" SM-T350
Samsung Galaxy Tab A - 9.7" SM-P550
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 - 10.4" SM-T500
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 - 10.5 SM-X200
Samsung Galaxy Tab E - 9.6" SM-T560
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro - 10" SM-T520N
Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro - 12" SM-T9000
Samsung Galaxy Tab S - 10.5" SM-T800N
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 - 9.7" SM-T810
Sony Xperia Z2 SGP511

Compatible Accessories

Armodilo Accessories OnOffButton SkyWhite

Power Button Add-on

Physical power button add-on for Armodilo Original tablet/iPad enclosures.

$20.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories OnOffAccessHole SkyWhite

Power Access Hole

Power button access hole add-on for Armodilo Original Tablet/iPad enclosures.

$10.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories LaserEtching SkyWhite

Laser Etching

Faceplate laser etching add-on for Armodilo Original tablet/iPad enclosures.

$10.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories Silkscreen SkyWhite

UV Printing

UV printed faceplate artwork add-on for Armodilo Original tablet/iPad enclosures.

$25.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories ArmoTwist SkyWhite


Adds 360˚ rotation, 25˚ tilt to Armodilo Floor & Surface tablet/iPad kiosks.

$99.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo VESA All+eDynamo 2 Readers In One THUMB

eDynamo Bracket

Bracket For eDynamo Card Reader For Original Tablet Enclosures

$39.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories DynamagCardReader SkyWhite

Dynamag Bracket

Bracket add-on for Dynamag card readers, compatible with all Armodilo Original tablet/iPad kiosks.

$29.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories QuikLinkSecurePlug SkyWhite

QuikLink Secure

QuikLink security plug add-on for Armodilo Original tablet/iPad enclosure.

$29.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Accessories MotorlaBarcodeReader SkyWhite

DS457 Scanner Bracket

External bracket add-on for Motorola (now Zebra) DS457 barcode scanner for tablet/iPad kiosks.

$49.00 USD Learn More
Armodilo Surface Swivel

Surface Swivel

Add-on for Armodilo Surface mounted tablet/iPad kiosks adds 360˚ rotation to the tablet stand.

$79.00 USD Learn More

Support Request

Support requests will be answered within 2 business hours Monday to Friday 9:00 - 6:00 EST. For immediate assistance please call 1.800.975.5946

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