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Tablet Fit Kit

Choose the appropriate Tablet Fit Kit for your device

Apple - iPad - 9.7 - 1st Generation (2010) (+0.00)

Power Button Access

Power Button Access

Choose the type of physical power button access required from outside the enclosure. (Adds up to 5 business days for order processing)

External Audio Port Access

External Audio Port Access

Choose to include an external audio port to any Original tablet enclosure -- always on the long side of the enclosure. (Adds up to 5 business days for order processing)

Branding Options (3-in-1 & Floor Original)

Faceplate Branding (Original)

Choose the type of faceplate branding you'd like to add. (Adds up to 5 business days for order processing)

Front Graphic Panel Holder

Two clips that hold a rigid graphic panel. Graphic size can range between 10″ - 30" high and 10"+ wide.

X-Frame Rear Banner

A 14" x 54.5" banner with corner grommets stretched on an ‘X’ frame banner stand.

Add-ons (3-in-1 Original)

Headphone Hanger

A slim form factor headphone hanger attaches to the back of the Original housing or Xero 'X' backer via the 75mm VESA mounts. (Not compatible with Keyboard Tray)

Keyboard Tray

(Not compatible with Headphone Hanger)


Add rotational and tilt movement to the 3-in-1, Floor or Surface models. Internal cable routing and removable 360˚ stop included.

Baseplate Electrical Cover

Cover and secure your tablet's power adapter with our baseplate electrical cover. Secures to the baseplate using tow integrated mount points

Acrylic Shelf

A custom sized acrylic shelf for small objects such as micro-printers, products or samples. Sizes up to 6" x 8".

Card Reader Add-on

Modifications to the tablet enclosure to add a card reader and appropriate bracket (as applicable)

Motorola Scanner Bracket

Modifications to the tablet enclosure and a black anodized aluminum tiltable bracket to hold the Motorola DS457 barcode scanner. Bracket tilts up to 90˚. (Does not include Motorola scanner)

QuikLink Secure

A small add-in that plugs into our Quick Connect Port, providing a high strength Kensington style security slot to connect security cables to.


Armodilo 3 in 1 Original SkyWhite



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