Carrying Bags

Two sturdy nylon bags to hold the tube, baseplate and housing of a 3-in-1 or Floor tablet stand, as well as additional accessories and hardware as required. Easy to carry and pack away.

Features and Benefits

  • A set of two tough nylon carrying bags.
  • Heavy duty zippers.
  • Heavy duty carrying straps.
  • Extra compartments for accessories, hardware or misc items.
  • Easy to carry and store.

Nylon Bag Long Straight
Nylong Bag Small Straight

All Parts + Accessories

The small nylon bag holds the baseplate and tablet enclosure in two separate compartments, keeping them safe and sound. The long bag holds the tube assembly. Additionally, an extra pocket is available on the front of both bags for any additional accessories, hardware or whatever else you may require. These carrying bags aren't just great for transportation, they're also great for storage when your stand is not being used.

Available Finishes



Short Soft Bag 17.00” 
(432 mm)
(508 mm)
(64 mm)
2.00 lbs 
(0.91 kg)
Long Soft Bag 8.50”
(216 mm)
(1118 mm)
(64 mm)
2.00 lbs 
(0.91 kg)
Weight shown is for bags only. For a total weight add 11.50 lbs (5.22 kg)

Support Request

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