Printing Terms & Conditions

We offer large format digital printing as a value-added service as part of our complete tablet kiosk and tablet stand service offering. Although we work very hard to ensure the files you supply to us are output as accurately as possible, there are various factors that influence the final printed appearance of your files. Because of this, we cannot guarantee the final output or color accuracy 100%.

Please consider the following factors

Files setup is critical for a quality printed output. A wide variety of factors go into digital file preparation, starting with the use of proper software. There’s also a long checklist of pre-press items that need to be correct for your files to output properly.

Monitors do not reproduce colors accurately

What you see on screen is not necessarily what you’ll receive as the final printed item. The colors you see on your monitor are typically set for high contrast viewing, and are not meant to accurately reflect a final printed image. High-end printers and color correction facilities spend tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to color calibrate their monitors and equipment so that the image on screen ‘closely’ resembles the final printed image in their facility. Do not rely on your monitor for color accuracy.

Color conversion from supplied files 

Our print process (RIP) will convert your submitted print file from its native format to the CMYK color space (the digital printer uses a variety of CMYK inks). This color conversion process changes the color gamut (the range of colors that can be printed) to what the printer can handle. You must be very cautious when using bright neon and pastel RGB values in your print files. Some examples include hot pinks, lime greens, construction orange, highlighter yellow, and easter egg shades. These colors will be shifted to fit within the color gamut of our print equipment. 

Along with shifts in the color gamut, changing files to a CMYK color space can drastically alter effects, blends and transparencies used in various applications, completely changing their intended output. Please verify your files are setup to properly handle this conversion.

Although our print process allows us to match a wide array of Pantone colors fairly closely, some colors are outside the range of what is physically possible for CMYK equipment to print. 

Color variation for different substrates

When printing on various substrates it’s important to realize that colors will look different when printed on different materials. Because of this, we cannot guarantee a 100% match across different product lines (i.e; ALUR vs. AURA vs. Banners)

Color fluctuation & consistency

Printer output can vary slightly day-to-day depending on factors such as humidity and heat. Since printing is not our main business, we do not color calibrate our printer(s) daily and due to the variety of factors involved, we cannot guarantee a color match from one order to the next.

Proper Press Ready files

Please note that it is the responsibility of our clients to provide proper press-ready files. Although we provide a complementary ‘quick review’ of all files received, we cannot possibly catch every combination of factors that could contribute to a print error or color variation and therefore cannot be responsible to provide reprints if the final output does not appear as expected.

Exact color matching

If your project requires exact color matching we do provide all our templates at the time of product order so the printed materials can be handled by your internal or external print supplier to ensure a consistent brand standards and color matching. We can help provide appropriate information for you to handle all the printing on your end if you choose to do so.

Governing terms

All products and services offered for sale by Armodilo Display Solutions (“Armodilo”) are sold subject to the terms and conditions stated herein. These terms and conditions shall apply to the sale of the products/services described in the Armodilo Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice, or other contract documentation to which these terms and conditions are attached or incorporated by reference.