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iPad Pro Supported for Tablet Kiosks 2

Full Support for the iPad Pro 12.9 & 9.7 in all our iPad Kiosk, enclosures, stands and mounts

Full Support for the iPad Pro 12.9 & 9.7 in all our enclosures and kiosks

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Digital Technology: The New Way Of Retail

Retail’s Big Show 2016 showcased a variety of ways retailers can learn more about their customers from their current emotional state to every possible type of analytics you can imagine.

Accelerator Centre Armodilo Tablet Kiosk Header

Armodilo Tablet Kiosks Help Reduce Time to Innovation in Waterloo’s Accelerator Centre

The new Reactor location uses an Armodilo Sphere to house its sign-in tablet, while the busier Accelerator Centre uses an Aura.

Armodilo iPad Pro

Armodilo To Fully Support The New Apple iPad Pro

Armodilo tablet enclosures, stands and kiosks are ready to support the iPad Pro as soon as it hits store shelves in November.

Armodilo New Location Unrenovated1

Growth, Evolving the Process and Constant Innovation

Armodilo is getting ready to move once again – a move that will increase total warehouse, office and production space by three times compared to the current location.

Armodilo Fit Any Tablet Fit Kit Switch Insights

Tablet Screen Sizes And The Tablet Kiosk User Experience

Once you’ve made the decision to integrate tablets in your project you’re left with the question of which tablet to use to best present your content.

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Android, iOS, or Windows? Which Tablet is Right for Your Tablet Kiosk?

When looking to deploy a tablet as a kiosk solution you are presented with a wealth of options.

Microsoft Surface

Armodilo Tablet Kiosks Now Support the Microsoft® Surface and Samsung Slate

Continuing Our Multi-Tablet Support We Now Have Tablet Fit Kits For The Microsoft Surface and Samsung Slate.

Armodilo iPad Kiosk Tablet Stand Technation1

Cost Savings with iPad Kiosk / Tablet Display Stand vs. Traditional Kiosks

As technology continues to advance, interactive media systems including kiosks are able to achieve many functions that interact with consumers.

One Size Does Not Fit All

iPad Kiosk / Tablet Display Stand - One Size Does Not Fit All

Technology has allowed many business practices to become easier, quicker, and most importantly, has enabled solutions to be best suited to our needs.

ADA Compliant

Armodilo iPad Kiosks / Tablet Display Stands are ADA Compliant

New regulations signed into law by the U.S.Department of Justice in 2010 are taking full effect on March 15, 2012.