Armodilo Sphere VESA Adapter ELO FRONT

Armodilo & Elo Partner to Create a Seamless Self-Serve Solution


Custom Paint 1560x495 Armodilo 1

In-House Painting and Finishing

With the move into a new warehouse and office space this year, Armodilo added an in-house wet paint system to help accommodate the increase in production, continue to improve on the quality control and provide custom colour options for our products

Armodilo Tablet Stand Enclosure Trillium Experience iPad 3

Armodilo iPad Kiosks Put the Finishing Touches On The Trillium Empathy Experience

How an innovative integrated learning program helped kids with learning disabilities bring empathy to their community.

Armodilo AURA iPAD Kiosk Skully iPadStand Banner

AURA iPad Kiosk | Customized for Skully

As part of unique project for Indiegogo startup Skully, we designed this customized AURA kiosk with a unique helmet holder integrated into the top of the stand.

Armodilo Tablet Stand Enclosure Peter Mac Hospital Engagement 1

Armodilo Sphere Brings Community Internet Kiosks to Peter Mac Hospital

Armodilo’s award-winning Sphere tablet enclosures offer public iPad-powered internet terminals at the Peter MacCullum Cancer Centre in Australia

Armodilo Tablet Stand Enclosure Catch The Fire iPad 1

Catch The Fire Steps into the Future with Digital Touchpoints

After successfully modernizing the Attwell Books bookstore with Armodilo kiosks, Catch The Fire finds all-around engagement increasing as they deploy more Armodilo tablet enclosures.

Dark Matter Banner Long

Syfy's Dark Matter using Armodilo Surface Mounts on Starship

Armodilo Surface mount tablet enclosures are being used throughout the starship as control panels on the hit series Dark Matter on Syfy.

Armodilo Tablet Enclosure iPad Kiosk Dallas World Aquarium Digital Signage 5

Armodilo Digital Kiosks Draw Attention to Rare Blue Penguins at Dallas World Aquarium

Given the Blue penguins’ small size and their exhibit’s location, Travis Coover and his team looked to Armodilo to help add an attractive interactive digital component to the exhibit and help give these beautiful birds the attention they deserve.

iPad Pro Supported for Tablet Kiosks 2

Full Support for the iPad Pro 12.9 & 9.7 in all our iPad Kiosk, enclosures, stands and mounts

Full Support for the iPad Pro 12.9 & 9.7 in all our enclosures and kiosks

Helsinki Library Banner

Helsinki City Library Helps Educate Children Through Digital Signage

After a successful launch of 27 Armodilo Spheres to help educate children, The Helsinki City Library plans to deploy more units this year!

Armodilo 3 in 1 XERO Floor Insights

Digital Signage is Revolutionizing The Hospitality Industry

Hotels are increasing their digital marketing budgets to enhance the guest experience and it’s paying off.

Neighbourly Voices Banner

Showcasing Community Connections Through Digital Signage

Dwight Storring was completing his Artist in Residence project, Neighbourhood Voices, at the City of Kitchener when he started thinking about a way the share the work he’d been creating with people across the city.

CNC Machine

Armodilo Adds a Second CNC Milling Machine to Continue Fulfilling Demands for Custom Tablet Kiosks

Adding a second CNC milling machine to their inventory of in-house fabrication equipment, Armodilo continues to fulfill the high demand of larger, custom tablet kiosk orders.

Tablets and Tours The Keys to Success in Student Housing

Tablets and Tours: The Keys to Success in Student Housing

Armodilo Display Solutions designs highly customizable iPad and tablet kiosks, stands and enclosures, which are the perfect complement to any interactive 360o virtual tour.

Armodilo GlobalShop 2014 Banner

Four Tips to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Use these 4 tips to get your brand noticed and stand out from the competition at your next trade show.

JDA Banner

Digital Technology: The New Way Of Retail

Retail’s Big Show 2016 showcased a variety of ways retailers can learn more about their customers from their current emotional state to every possible type of analytics you can imagine.

Wall by Armodilo

Introducing Wall by Armodilo

Static, secure, dual height tablet mount. The Armodilo Wall, one of Armodilo’s newest products provides an extremely low profile tablet mount option.

Armodilo Office Interior Boardroom 4

New Year, New Space For Armodilo!

It’s only been a few months since Armodilo moved locations, now tripling office and warehouse space! “Moving into a larger facility has allowed us to evolve our manufacturing processes and add a few key pieces...

Armodilo CNC Mill PowerButton Addon 1

The Digital Signage World is Growing and so is Armodilo

Armodilo prides itself on creating high quality products and innovative designs with customized options.

Kabam Armodilo iPadKiosk Tablet Stand Star Wars Uprising1

Armodilo AURA a Showcase of Quality

Kabam is a gaming company well known for its insistence on quality. With so many excellent games to be proud of, including Star WarsTM: Uprising, Marvel Contest of Champions, The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth, and others, a flexible display solution is an ideal tool to combine art and entertainment in a complete experience.

Accelerator Centre Armodilo Tablet Kiosk Header

Armodilo Tablet Kiosks Help Reduce Time to Innovation in Waterloo’s Accelerator Centre

The new Reactor location uses an Armodilo Sphere to house its sign-in tablet, while the busier Accelerator Centre uses an Aura.

Eatsa Header

Armodilo Surface Front-and-Centre at Eatsa

San Francisco, California - Offering customers a futuristic all-digital ordering experience with no lineups or cashiers for its customizable quinoa dishes, Eatsa is revolutionizing the way we think about restaurants, and the  Armodilo Surface is the digital touch-point at the heart of this new dining experience.

Armodilo iPad Pro

Armodilo To Fully Support The New Apple iPad Pro

Armodilo tablet enclosures, stands and kiosks are ready to support the iPad Pro as soon as it hits store shelves in November.

Armodilo New Location Unrenovated1

Growth, Evolving the Process and Constant Innovation

Armodilo is getting ready to move once again – a move that will increase total warehouse, office and production space by three times compared to the current location.

Iris Armodilo Tablet Xero Stand Enclosure Large

IRIS Langley BC Store - Featuring Xero

Thanks to the team at and various other suppliers including Armodilo, IRIS was able to open their new flagship store on July 27th.

Armodilo The Space Agency BIC Kids Museum iPad Kiosk Stands 1

BIC - Kids Day Out Good Friday Appeal via The Space Agency

Red Crayon, approached The Space Agency to deliver an amazing and exciting environment for kids to enjoy at the annual Herald Sun Good Friday Appeal, 2015, on behalf of the BIC Kids Museum.

Armodilo Fit Any Tablet Fit Kit Switch Insights

Tablet Screen Sizes And The Tablet Kiosk User Experience

Once you’ve made the decision to integrate tablets in your project you’re left with the question of which tablet to use to best present your content.

Murad Retail Store Armodilo Tablet Stands 1

Murad, Los Angeles - Flagship Store

Murad embraces a holistic skincare approach in its first flagship a place where customers can learn, try and relax.

Armodilo Tablet Stand iPad Kiosk Banking Made Easy

Banking Made Easier With Armodilo iPad Kiosk / Tablet Display Stands

The continued growth of the tablet kiosk market is bringing a new world of technology opportunities to banks and credit unions.

Armodilo Retail Tablet Stand iPad Kiosk 3

4 Innovative Ways to Combat Showrooming

With the technology industry continuing to grow, it has become evident over the past years that the in-store shopping experience has changed drastically.

Armodilo 3 in 1 XERO Floor Insights

How to Make the Most of Tablet Tech With Tablet Enclosures

Whether you’re incorporating tablets in your showrooms, trade show exhibitions, retail locations, or production facilities, you can’t leave an iPad, Microsoft Surface or Android device lying out on a table.

Armodilo Modiface Insights

Modiface Makeup Simulation Mirror

Modiface announced the availability of the ModiFace Mirror.

Armodilo Retail Tablet Stand iPad Kiosk AURA Holt Renfrew

Holt Renfrew In-Store Digital Curation (Using Tablets)

Luxury giant Holt Renfrew isn’t missing the boat when it comes to tablet tech.

Amex Large Insights Tablet Stands Armodilo

Amex - Wooing Golfers at the US Open

American Express engages visitors with Armodilo Surface at the U.S. Open.

Spanx Armodilo Sphere Retail iPad Kiosk Tablet Stand1

Spanx Changing The In-Store Experience (Using Tablets)

The retail environment is a highly competitive space, where brands not only compete with each other but with technology to grab the attention of consumers.

Armodilo Tablet Enclosure iPad Kiosk Insights Hospitality

5 Innovative Ways To Use Tablet Kiosks in the Hospitality & Restaurant Industry

With the rapidly growing industry of tablet stands and tablet kiosks, it was inevitable that they would eventually make their way into the hospitality industry.

Armodilo Retail Tablet Stand iPad Kiosk 2

Convert Browsers into Buyers With Tablet Display Stand / iPad Kiosks

With technology rapidly changing the way shoppers interact with brick and mortar stores, retailers must constantly look for new, interactive ways to engage with customers.

Armodilo iPad Kiosk Tablet Stand Mercedez Benz Car Dealer Retail

6 Ways To Use Tablet Tech in Retail

Digital systems are nothing new in the retail environment, but brands are still experimenting in order to find the most productive applications or their business.

Policy Booth + Armodilo Tablet Stands Large3x

Armodilo and Policy Booth Form Partnership in Australia To Use Tablet Kiosk During The Melbourne Now Exhibition

Armodilo Display Solutions is partnering social enterprise, Policy Booth to deliver an innovative digital consultation as part of the upcoming ‘Melbourne Now’ Exhibition.

Armodilo Sphere Point Of Sale Tablet Stand iPad Kiosk

3 In-Store Retail Tablet Kiosk Apps that Your Customers Will Love!

With the continued growth of the tablet industry, more and more retailers are taking advantage of the unique in-store capabilities that tablets offer.

AURA+SPHERE Exhibitor Award

Armodilo Receives Two Buyers Choice Awards For Sphere™ and AURA™ At EXHIBITOR 2014

Attending their 3rd EXHIBITOR show in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay, Armodilo Display Solutions was honored with two Buyers Choice Awards for their brand new tablet stands, Sphere and Aura.

Cinematheque Quebecoise Greencopper Armodilo iPad Kiosk Tablet Stand

Armodilo iPad Kiosk: Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois

Thanks to our partner Greencopper, Armodilo tablet display stands have made an appearance at the film festival Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québecois (RVCQ).

ArmodiloTradeshow 1

How Armodilo Can Help at Your Next Trade Show

In the December 2013 issue of Exhibitor Magazine, editor Travis Stanton described something called “The Interaction Anomaly”.

Armodilo iPad Kiosk Tablet Stand Elexio Church Software

Armodilo & Elexio -- A Winning Combination At WFX 2013

Armodilo Display Solutions is thrilled to have church software provider, Elexio, joining them at the 2013 WFX Expo in Dallas, Texas from October 3-4, 2013.

Australia Header iPad Kiosk Armodilo

Armodilo Tablet Display Stands / iPad Kiosk Product Line Extends into Asia-Pacific and the Middle East

Armodilo Display Solutions continues its worldwide growth, appointing Gregg Amies as CEO for the Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern region.

Tablets Header

Android, iOS, or Windows? Which Tablet is Right for Your Tablet Kiosk?

When looking to deploy a tablet as a kiosk solution you are presented with a wealth of options.

Armodilo iPadKiosk DSE2013 E

Armodilo Trending At Digital Signage Expo 2013

Armodilo had great interest during the show in its 10 x 30’ booth at the Las Vegas Convention Centre from February 27 - 28, 2013.

Armodilo EXHIBITOR Booth iPad Kiosk2s

Armodilo Tablet Display Stand Earns ‘Best of Show’ at EXHIBITOR 2013

Armodilo Display Solutions was recognized for overall excellence of their booth design at EXHIBITOR 2013 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Armodilo Larger Location 1

Armodilo Display Solutions Announces New Larger Location For Design and Production of its Tablet Display Stands / iPad Kiosks

Armodilo Display Solutions is excited to announce the new location of it’s offices and warehouse.

Microsoft Surface

Armodilo Tablet Kiosks Now Support the Microsoft® Surface and Samsung Slate

Continuing Our Multi-Tablet Support We Now Have Tablet Fit Kits For The Microsoft Surface and Samsung Slate.

Armodilo iPad Kiosk Tablet Stand Technation1

Cost Savings with iPad Kiosk / Tablet Display Stand vs. Traditional Kiosks

As technology continues to advance, interactive media systems including kiosks are able to achieve many functions that interact with consumers.


Armodilo Wins An Innovation Award at IIDEX 2012 For Its iPad Kiosk / Tablet Display Stand Products

Armodilo Display Solutions is proud to be the winner of a 2012 Innovation Award.

Curve Surface

Introducing Armodilo Curve & Surface Tablet Kiosk / Tablet Display Stands

Armodilo Display Solutions is excited to announce the addition of their Curve & Surface iPad / Tablet Kiosks.

One Size Does Not Fit All

iPad Kiosk / Tablet Display Stand - One Size Does Not Fit All

Technology has allowed many business practices to become easier, quicker, and most importantly, has enabled solutions to be best suited to our needs.

Exhibitor 2012 Armodilo Tablet Stand Award

Armodilo Receives A Buyers Choice Award At EXHIBITOR2012 in Las Vegas

Armodilo Display Solutions is thrilled to announce that it has received the Buyers Choice Award for Best New Product at EXHIBITOR2012 for the Armodilo Tablet Display Stand.

ADA Compliant

Armodilo iPad Kiosks / Tablet Display Stands are ADA Compliant

New regulations signed into law by the U.S.Department of Justice in 2010 are taking full effect on March 15, 2012.

Armodilo Pioneers

Armodilo Pioneers Multifunction Apple iPad Kiosk | Tablet Display Stand

Designed to make Apple iPads and tablet PCs readily usable in a range of non-traditional settings, Armodilo Display Solutions is at the forefront of adapting these powerful new computing tools.