Security & Check-in

Mounted tablet kiosks and interactive digital signage are delivering dramatic upgrades in how security and safety screenings are handled in environments as varied as offices, towers and drop-off day care centers.

We’ve all walked in to some facility, approached the reception desk, and scribbled our illegible credentials and intentions into a binder. Many of us will have walked away wondering about the usefulness of that exercise.

Tablets, equipped with specialized software, and housed in adaptable enclosures from Armodilo are changing all that. Check out some great examples of iPad and tablet stands and enclosures in use on our case studies and inspiration page.

Armodilo AURA Floor Silver

AURA$2,499.00 USD

The back-lit and brandable AURA is perfect for visibility for self-service check-ins and sign-ins.

Armodilo Sphere Original SkyWhite

Sphere$289.00 USD

The secure, intuitive and engaging Sphere is a great counter-based check-in kiosk that doubles as digital signage.

Armodilo Keyo Tablet Kiosks - Wall or Surface Secure Tablet Enclosure

Keyo$229.00 USD

Secure wall- or counter-mounted installation with lots of internal space for peripherals including USB hubs, POE cards, and biometric scanners.

We help our security partners use the latest technology.

Through our unparalleled kiosk customization options, we have helped our partners in security install identification solutions including NFC readers, card readers and biometric fingerprint scanners. In one unique situation we added embedded lighting to our enclosure to ensure that the installed facial recognition software was able to get an accurate read of the user for verification.

With new security measures such as enhanced facial recognition tools and iris scanners being developed constantly, you can be assured that Armodilo has the experience and equipment to ensure that we can integrate whatever comes next to keep your facility secure. 

Access control with Secure Tablet Kiosks

Secured tablet kiosks can be used to provide or limit access into restricted areas of facilities. Security professionals can use tablets equipped with cameras and enhanced lighting that enables security guards to gain access using biometric facial recognition software. The camera scans the unique geometry of the guard’s face, matches it against records, and unlocks doors. Other systems have attached devices like fingerprint scanners and secure tablet enclosures to provide access and log check-ins.

Access control with Secure Tablet Kiosks
Lobby Check-Ins using Tablet Kiosk Installations

Lobby Check-Ins using Tablet Kiosk Installations

That old three-ring binder with sign-in sheets is being replaced by reception counter-mounted tablets that let visitors key in their names, find and select who they are there to see, notify that person, provide directions to the office or building, and log the time of entry and exit. Peripherals like cameras and printers can enable photo records or automatically print out visitor labels and badges.

Interactive Digital Signage for Childcare Check-In

The start and end of a work day can feel like a madhouse when parents are dropping off children at day care centres and pre-schools. Kids are crying or distracted, and everyone’s in a hurry. It’s a time when mistakes could be made, and simple measures like sign-in/sign-out sheets or quick visual checks might not be enough to ensure children are safe and brought out by their parents or approved guardians. Using tablets for interactive digital signage allows caregivers to log parents when they check kids in and check them out at the end of the day. In some cases, cameras and printers are being used to get a visual record of the parent or guardian, and generate receipts that need to be kept and handed in to ensure child safety.

Interactive Digital Signage for Childcare Check-In

Tablets mounted in Armodilo enclosures using cloud-based software can provide fine-tuned security measures for organizations whose previous options would have been full enterprise security systems with larger devices, a bigger IT footprint, and higher costs.