Secure iPad Stands and Self-Service Kiosks at Trade Shows & Events

Tablets kiosks loaded in attractive enclosures that meet brand aesthetics are changing the dynamics of how companies manage their presence and customer interaction at trade shows and business events. 

Tablets are delivering powerful tools for businesses that invest the budget, time and extensive resources to market at trade shows, conferences and other public events. Tablets help your marketing team gather leads and business intelligence and deliver accurate information on-demand, even when exhibit staff are occupied.

Tablets are the perfect digital touchpoints – low-cost, portable and easy to set-up and tear down. Here are some ideas for how you can use self-service kiosks and secure iPad stands to improve your outcomes from trade shows, conferences, and events. 

Armodilo 3 in 1 Original SkyWhite

3-In-1$569.00 USD

Our 2012 Exhibitor Buyer's Choice Award Winner, the 3-in-1 is perfect for a variety of trade show applications; floor, wall or desktop setup included.

Armodilo Sphere Original SkyWhite

Sphere$289.00 USD

Our 2014 Exhibitor Buyer's Choice Award Winner, Sphere is fun, quirky, colourful and easy to deploy. These little guys get noticed every time.

Armodilo Tilt Original SkyWhite

Tilt$249.00 USD

An adjustable angle on any wall or counter makes Tilt the ideal tablet enclosure for additional touch-points throughout your booth.

Assisted Sales with Secure iPad Stands

When there are three people engaged in three different conversations in the booth, and breaking away is not an option, the three other show attendees wanting to ask questions are likely going to walk away – unless they have access to something that provides answers.

Secure tablet kiosks mounted on booth tables, counters and walls effectively answer questions and pre-qualify the interests of trade show attendees by letting them page through material and watch explainers. A customer may find that their questions have been answered by the information in your tablet or iPad stand while they wait for a company representative. If it’s not what they’re looking for, they can walk away without having tied up company staff. Better yet, analytics on what visitors read on the tablets provide actionable insights on the interests of show attendees.

Assisted Sales with Secure iPad Stands
Badge Scanning Tablet Kiosks

Badge Scanning Tablet Kiosks

Many trade show exhibitors are saddled by clunky, rented badge scanners that capture the bar codes or QR codes of attendees into data files to be used later for marketing and follow-up. They don’t always work and visitors will wander off.

The better approach puts tablet kiosks in your event booth. Visitors select the products, services and materials that interest them, and then an attached camera scans their badge for their contact information and drops it straight in your customer relationship management system (CRM) to help you follow up.

Self-Service Kiosks for Lead Generation

The old way of getting show-goers to slow down and stop at a booth – fish bowls of candy, free pens and giveaways tied to dropping off business cards. The new way to get leads or activations is to use self-service kiosks featuring tablet-mounted digital games built around incentives, with rewards delivered in return for providing contact information.

Self-Service Kiosks for Lead Generation
Schedules and Bookings Using Tablet Kiosks

Schedules and Bookings Using Tablet Kiosks

Companies doing scheduled in-booth demos can use tablets to inform and raise awareness of upcoming presentations. Combined with booking software, tablet kiosk enclosures can also enable visitors to book a time at a busy booth, or even take a digital number and wander off, to be texted by a sales associate when they become available.

One a busy trade show floor, tablets without enclosures are too fragile and portable to be effective. When housed in attractive enclosures and fully customized to your brand guidelines, tablet-powered kiosks they can be powerful tools for any exhibitor.