iPad Kiosk Stands and Touch Screen Kiosks in Houses of Worship

Houses of worship of many faiths and denominations are using tablet-powered touch screen kiosks and iPad kiosk stands to streamline rituals and ensure a safe environment for families. Connected to databases and complementary technologies, Armodilo-secured tablets are making the routines of worship better.

Whether churches, temples, synagogues or mosques, there are practices that have been passed along for decades that are made more efficient by applying interactive display technology. Check out our case studies and inspirations page for great examples of tablet and iPad kiosks in use in worship settings.

Armodilo Sphere Original SkyWhite

Sphere$289.00 USD

Award-winning intuitive design makes Sphere a natural for e-giving, interactive signage and children's check in.

Armodilo Floor Original SkyWhite

Floor$499.00 USD

Free-standing, elegant, lightweight & sturdy. Floor is perfect for giving-kiosks, sign-in stations and information stands.

Armodilo Curve Original SkyWhite

Curve$289.00 USD

Elegant and minimal, Curve is secure counter or desktop tablet enclosure that's easy to move from area to area as needed.

Childcare Check-In with Touch Screen Kiosks

The times before and after services and other gatherings can be mayhem for the volunteers who run drop-off childcare services in places of faith, particularly churches hosting thousands of worshippers at a single service.

Sign-in/sign-out sheets used by parents and volunteers to keep track of children at the front desk are being replaced by tablet-powered touch screen kiosks equipped with software that much more efficiently and accurately tracks the whereabouts of children.

Some congregations are using tablet-powered check-in kiosks that take photos of a parent on check-in and generate a print-out for that parent, who then needs to produce that and match the image against what’s in the system for the kids.

Childcare Check-In with Touch Screen Kiosks
Digital Giving at Self-Service Kiosks

Digital Giving at Self-Service Kiosks

The timeless practice of passing donation plates through the seats of a chapel are starting to be replaced by more efficient self-service kiosks for e-giving. Tablet kiosks equipped with magnetic stripe readers or other technology are allowing worshippers to walk up and use their credit card to make a donation, instead of resorting to writing checks or ensuring they have sufficient cash with them. It’s making it easier for members to contribute, and reducing the need for cash and check handling by the house of worship’s staff and volunteers.

Tablet and iPad Point of Sale

Places like churches are not traditional retailers, but many houses of worship sell items like books and services. New, inexpensive, and attractive tablet and iPad POS systems are using tablets and cloud-based management and payment systems to allow organizations to process transactions easily while looking good and lasting as long as they are needed.

Tablet and iPad Point of Sale
Messaging with iPad Kiosk Stands

Messaging with iPad Kiosk Stands

A lot goes on at a house of worship week to week - between services, meetings, fundraising activities and more. The old means of communicating all that was bulletin boards, leaflets and newsletters. The new, more efficient means involves interactive digital signage consisting of counter or wall-mounted tablets and iPad kiosk stands that can provide easily-updated events and meetings calendars, directories, notices, or even volunteer registration. 

Tablets are particularly well-suited to houses of worship challenged by communications issues, even under tight budgets. Tablet-powered digital signage can deliver great value at relatively low-cost, on a platform all members of your congregation will find familiar and friendly.