Our Team

Armodilo defined an industry and continues to lead the way. Our team is dedicated to delivering world-class tablet display solutions to the world. From design and manufacturing to customer service, sales, support and logistics, each member of our team is passionate about helping our clients achieve amazing results.

Jack Young | General Manager

Jack has an extensive background in Operational Excellence and Engineering Leadership. His career started in Automotive and Marine design. With a passion for blending aesthetics with flowing function, he designed hundreds of international consumer and industrial products. Jack’s most valuable aspect of his management style is bringing the Team together each day to continually develop opportunities for everyone involved.



Jon Sproule

Jon Sproule | Client Relations Manager

Jon has been involved in client relations and technology for most of his life. As an Apple Certified Technician and former Apple Store Genius and trainer, Jon brings world-class technical support and customer service skills to all of our client projects, providing a highly refined insight into tablet deployments. A devoted techie, Jon is our in-house tablet aficionado and technology advisor.

Joel Walton | Shipping & Receiving Manager

In charge of production, assembly and process logistics, Joel leads our assembly and fabrication team. Providing the highest quality components for our tablet stands in very short periods of time, Joel's technical skills, superior attention to detail and constant process improvements allow us to provide amazingly fast and accurate fabrication and turn-around on a variety of our products.

Joel Walton
Adam Stronge

Adam Stronge | Painting & Finishing

Adam has been involved in manufacturing his entire career. As a previous paint line supervisor, powder coat painter, industrial spray painter and machine operator, Adam has a high degree of technical expertise with hands-on painting as well as industrial processing theory to finish our high quality tablet enclosures. Along with paint, Adam also oversees silkscreening and additional finishing related responsibilities.

Gregg Amies | Asia Pacific & Dubai

Gregg has been involved in media, sales, marketing, advertising and PR/communications at the senior leadership level for nearly 20 years. In addition, he has founded, developed and operated a chain of retail concept stores as well as acquired and overseen a diverse portfolio of investments as the General Manager of merger and acquisition company PSI Corporate. Prior to joining Armodilo, Gregg was Chief Executive – Australia and New Zealand at Sentia Media, previously Media Monitors, Asia Pacific’s leading media intelligence company. He is a regular guest speaker to business forums on media, social media and communications trends and has previously sat on the advisory panel for Media, Communications and Marketing for RMIT.

Gregg Amies Armodilo