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The original tablet transformer

Armodilo was the first company in North America to design and produce tablet display systems, and our commitment to innovation is what keeps us at the forefront of personalized digital signage. 

From the inception of our 3-in-1 stand, which won a coveted EXHIBITOR Buyers Choice Award in 2012, we have since garnered many additional design and innovation awards for our highly elegant, innovative, and rugged line of tablet display enclosures, stands and kiosks. 

With our reputation for innovative, high quality products, we work with some of the most distinguished brands around the world. We keep pushing the boundaries of tablet integration into commercial spaces – innovating when others imitate, continually reinventing the space we originally defined. That’s why our product line is the first choice for integrating tablet devices into high-traffic trade show, event, retail, hospitality, and healthcare environments.

Our clients recognize us as inventors and perfectionists, never ceasing to improve what we make and what we do. Between our products, our reputation, and our world class customer service, our clients come back to us again and again for their tablet deployment and hardware mounting solutions because we use the highest quality materials and production methods to create truly unique digital touch-points that get noticed and stand the test of time.

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Better by design

We’ve been recognized around the world for our quality product designs, from trade shows and events to interior design, the global community is noticing. It all started in 2012 with a coveted EXHIBITOR Buyers Choice Award for the 3-in-1 tablet stand – our very first product! Since then, we’ve received additional awards for AURA, Sphere and our Original line of tablet stands. 

We were also named the #1 Digital Display Trend at (DSE) Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas in 2013, introducing the digital signage industry to what we’ve dubbed “Personalized Digital Signage”.

100% North American

Personalized design and innovation are just the beginning, we’re also proud that all of our products are designed and manufactured in North America. 

Our diverse in-house team includes experts in graphic and product design, fabrication and print-production to ensure the highest product quality. Additionally, we work with local partners to handle specialized production processes, including metal cutting, fabrication, injection molding, painting and finishing. Keeping our design and production in-house and local ensures a much more responsive process for our clients and gives us the tight quality control we need to confidently offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products.

We maintain our unprecedented level of client satisfaction through our highly effective communication throughout the sales process, and by ensuring product quality with our in-house production team, local partners, and two-pass quality control. That’s because when you choose Armodilo, we want you to invest in your brand with confidence. 


Our Core Principles

We design products we want to use

At the heart of everything we do, we design products that we ourselves would want to own and use -- we take pride in everything we design and produce.

Service the way it should be

Our service mandate is simple. We service our clients with the same level of service that we'd expect to receive. We constantly ask, "Is that the level of service I'd expect?"

Products that stand the test of time

We believe in products that last and we back them with our Lifetime Warranty. Nobody else in our industry offers that kind of reassurance.

Fastest turn-around times

We carry inventory on almost every one of our products and provide in-house services such as printing, laser etching and custom modifications with incredible turn-around times.

Designed to let you stand out

Our products are designed to let you stand out -- various branding and customization options let you bring your brand front and centre, where it belongs.

Proud to be local

We're proud to say that our products are 100% North American made, providing amazing quality with our in-house team of dedicated professionals.