Customized & Custom iPad Kiosk, Tablet Kiosk and Tablet Stands

At Armodilo, we help keep our clients at the forefront of personalized digital signage with tablet kiosks, tablet stands and enclosures customized and tailored for any initiatives. With our ability to modify and enhance our existing products we provide solutions that can be quickly and easily deployed without a large investment. We also work with select clients to develop unique solutions from concept to delivery to provide that truly unique tablet kiosk solution.

All Armodilo Original Line products can be enhanced with a wide variety of add-ons and peripherals, while still providing you with highly secure tablet stand and iPad kiosks based on our award-winning enclosure designs.

Here's a small sampling of some customized solutions:

Armodilo Custom Designed Tablet Enclosures, Kiosks and Stands
Intellinet Card Reader Exploded S

Payment & Identification

We've integrated various card readers into our Original tablet enclosures and stands, providing a sleek interface for payment and identification processes. We currently support Magtek's iDynamo, Dynamag and eDynamo card readers as a standard add-on, and we have integrated many more card readers for custom projects. Contact us today to find out if we can create a solution for your processing needs.

Biometric Readers

When looking for secure, accurate, reliable identification methods, biometric readers lead the way. Armodilo has recently developed a solution that allowed the Suprema Biomini Slim scanner to be built directly into our Original tablet stand and connected to the tablet to manage security personnel. Contact us today about integrating a biometric scanner into your tablet kiosk deployment.

Biomini Slim
LobbyGuard Plug

Port Management

At the request of a client, we designed a custom insert in the base of the award-winning Sphere tablet stand to incorporate client-provided USB and Ethernet cables using a custom designed plug that machined and inserted into the unit. This allows for the quick and easy connection of USB peripherals and a hardline Internet connection directly into the tablet enclosure.

Thermal Venting

All our Original tablet enclosures include plenty of room inside the housing to keep most tablets cool, but for extreme use cases we've integrated custom thermal vent slots on the back of the enclosure to let heat escape, supporting applications that require extra cooling. If you’re thinking about adapting a tablet enclosure to an extreme use case, ask us how we can help.

Vent Slots
Hole In Floor Tubes

Cable Access

With the option to add a custom acrylic shelf to any of our freestanding tablet stands, we can create additional cable access points on any point on the tube of the Armodilo Floor or the 3-in-1, creating a refined, cable-free look for peripherals such as printers, scanners and speakers.

In-House Design & Production

Our in-house design and production services allow us to create custom solutions for our clients. In addition to our custom peripheral integration services, custom finishing, and branding options, we can also fulfill packing and kitting of your complete project and ship it to any location worldwide. Whether it’s a large deployment or a small one, if you have a project that's a little outside of what we've done, talk to us today! At Armodilo, we're always happy to help you create the best solution for your deployment. 

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